What Should've been the F60

Discussion in '2000 Ferrari Rossa' started by datruesuperman, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. This car is gorgeous... taht is what the F Ferrari's are about.. I loveeee the Enzo, but i always thought this was one of the most beautiful cars ever.
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    I think this one of those cars i hve to look at often and learn to love it. I can see some nice things in.....
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    I so totally agree with you on this one. They should have definitely made this over the Enzo, or at least alongside it. It's just so much calssier looking than the Enzo, and they could have made it just as purposeful a car too. Personally, I don't know what they were thinking...
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    the F series ferraris are pure racecars. This car, even though it has the engine, probably doesnt have the suspension/aerodynamics etc. to be in that category...thats why it wasnt put as the new F60
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    there a nice things in it,from the front it looks like a 550marnello
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    People, people, the Enzo is NOT the F60. The prototype was called the FX, then they named it Enzo Ferrari. It wouldn't make sense to call it the F60, since the 60th anniversary of Ferrari is in 2007.
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    I perfer the Enzo. At first glance I thought it was an exmaple of form over function but the more I see it the more I think it is one of the most beautifull cars ever created. This car looks to much like a concept car. Too fake looking.
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    The Enzo was not made OVER this car.

    Nor was it made OVER the F60.

    The F60 is still comming out, have patience.

    And it will be Mid-engined, not front, like this.
  9. This car gives me hope!

    This car proves that Pinifarina can still design stunning cars. The production cars they have designed the last years aren't that great looking if you aks me.

    The Enzo is but ugly in my opinion (forget the form follows function bullshit. I'm sure that 99% of it's buyers buy the car for it's badge, not to corner the local driveway with 200MPH).
    The 360 Modena isn't bad, but the 355 is 20 times more beautiful. The 575 isn't a succes compared to the 550.
    And I'm not even bringing cars like the Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin up.

    They say that the replacement for the 456GT has got styling cues from his concept. I'm hoping, I'm hoping...
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    yeah, thats what i was gonna say: this thing looks much better than the enzo. (not that the enzo's ugly or anything)

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