What some people remind me of...

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  2. How dissappointing! My creation stirrs no controversy whatsoever!
  3. i looked in here a few days ago and i was like


    then i left.
  4. ...okay. How is this different from any of the other Indie topics?
  5. 'indie noob', huh? ...well I guess so. What's an indie topic anyway?
  6. if i'm not wrong in the maserati mc12 forum theres someone who wrote something like" why spend all that money for this when u can have a 1000hp supra for much less"
  7. Yeah... it's pretty much just a parody on how people childishly rely on numbers and take technology and driver involvement out of the picture. They start talking about they're cars like they're some kind of entity that has a mind of its own. I've even heard "you have no idea WHO you just messed with" in reference to a Hennesy 1000tt once. It reminds me of those pokemon convnetions that take over the books-a-million once every week.

    Not great work on my part... I was just messing around on a friend's computer.
  8. um..... You seem to have spent far too much time in the indies.
  9. it made me smile in my head not on my face.
  10. 'indies'= ?
  11. individual car forums.

    They are infested with an insane amount of stupidity and retardedness.
  12. definately

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