What sucks about where you live?

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  2. I guess I can go chill in Fiji / Samoa / Cook Islands too if I wanted.
  3. I ran into an old friends little sister a while back, she was clearly on crack and talking about selling a lawn mower. Couple weeks later I hear about her going to jail for stealing her friend/neighbors lawnmower in broad daylight. Two of my friends grade school girlfriends have recently died of overdose, one with her kid in the backseat as the police approached. The police put a camera in the stations womens lockerroom and caught a women stealing from the other officers lockers. Got some real classy ladies around here.
  4. tourist season has started. so everyone in a car or on a sidewalk is annoying as all hell. this weekend I had to swerve to avoid 6 different groups of people stepping out into the road to take photos in a 1 km area.

  5. What I hate about Montréal is this:

    -You guessed it, winter #$%#ing sucks here! It last like 6 months, always cold, shit snow, people drive like morons on icey roads, always need to wear winter gear, my cars are always dirty, etc.... Oh did I say it's always #$%#ing cold tabarnaque!!!

    -Our roads infrastructures are falling appart! Their was some people that died because of it, but I'm surprised it's not more. Also, this city is always under road construction, it's like everywhere!!

    -Our government is corrupted to the bone! They tax you here, they tax you there, they always find a way to tax us, but hey! they spend like they were millionaires for themselves. Just look at was Lise Thibault did, that old #$%#ing fart!

    -It's not normal to go to any emergency at an hospital to wait, minimum, 8 to 10 hours BEFORE a nurse calls up you name. If it's a real emergency, like heart attacks, appendecitis, kidney stones, you now, you'll be treated perfectly and professionnaly.

    -And don't get me started on our immigration problems we have over here!!!
  6. If you didn't want crumbling roads, high taxes, and constant construction, you probably shouldn't have elected the mob to city council as consistently as you have the last few decades.
  7. you could at least have turned away from the road mannn haha
  8. Too many bogans
    #$%#ing expensive place to live
    Our central bank monetary policy has turned us into a bubble economy just like most of the western world
    Awful government gradual encroachment over society
    Incredibly shitty public transport
    Sydney is like a 6hr drive to the snowfields
    Australia is too far from other countries
    We always blindly follow every dumb military intervention the United States makes
  9. I haven't heard about this. Please share the whole story with us.

    Was there extensive frowning from old ladies?
  10. Napoli has elected camorra members to the city council for the past 150 years or so and they are just fine.
  11. Where the #$%# do you live seriously
  12. It always amazes me how shitty a winter driver pretty much everyone abroad is. And they drive on some second-rate Chinese all-season flip flops that wouldn't pass for a trailer's spare tyre here.
  13. The other options were the pavement, and a shrub of some kind. For some reason at that moment I thought the gutter was the best option. I think I was concerned about ruining someone's plants.
  14. I was hung over and we were going to get the train to go and meet everyone we had to run because I was probably making us late. It was warm and I started feeling really uncomfortable, and then I threw up in a gutter in broad daylight.

    tl;dr: English tourist.
  15. Battle Creek, it is west of Detriot a couple hours.
  16. For such a hugely spread out city, Perth has #$%#ing terrible traffic. Also because it's so spread out, public transport to most areas is shit. And because the public transport is shit, more people drive. And because more people drive, more #$%#ing traffic jams. It's a vicious cycle.

    Also it's a pretty isolated city and no one knows we exist and sometimes it feels like we're a different country to the eastern states.
  17. Canberra:

    Too cold in winter
    Too hot in summer
    Continual road works everywhere
    Basically zero public transport, just shiTTy buses
    Really needs a bullet train linking all east coast major cities....
    Too many politicians/public servants that whinge about anything. (they built a new highway here, which was meant to have a speed limit of 100km/h, but people who live 100s of metres away said it would be to loud, wtf, so it was only 80km/h for a while, and then people like me whinged for ages until they put it up to 90km/h)
    BORING. Only real attractions are for elderly people.
    Expensive housing
    Expensive fuel compared to the rest of the country
  18. Cayman Islands:

    -Very poorly planned and developed imo, basically its made for cars rather than pedestrians. Not at all a walkable place
    -expensive as hell, because its an island, everything is importaed and shipped in (+20% price)
  19. Give China a few military airfields and nuclear test sites and I'm sure they'll build a nice mass transit system to all Australian cities and a bullet train network to link them.
  20. Sounds pretty much like Auckland.
  21. yeah I dunno if that was you or me, going out the night before that was probably the main reason, which also involved some brief run action to make it to the last train
  22. i remember picking up the honk and iampingpong from the airport and getting a text from moo, james just puked on the side of the road, we're gonna be a bit later.

    had a chuckle.
  23. tell me about these posers
  24. bunch of nignogs like tossing bullets at each other all the time but that doesn't really happen on my street

    winter sucks but it's more of an inconvenience than anything

    roads are #$%#ing terrible

    the entire government is corrupt from the top to the bottom
  25. There's nothing to do here except knock/get knocked up.

    The roads are arrow-straight.

    It's kind of dry.

    It gets so hot the AC in my Civic can't keep up.

    Politics are conservative like whoa.

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