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Discussion in '1998 BMW Z3 M Roadster' started by TurboViper3000, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this thing is small making agile pretty fast but the design is S*@!<!-- Signature -->
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    the only thing good about this car is the look.nuthin else.<!-- Signature -->
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    you think the M Roadster looks ugly?!

    if this is UGLY then WTF is beautiful?

    this is a GOOD looking car!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Their is no way you can tell me that the design of this car is ugly. The mammoth front M grill is amazing looking, giving off the impression of aggressive power and the side fender flarings are equally amazing.
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    Agreed!! I dont know how someone can call this ugly<!-- Signature -->
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    it looks much much much much better in real life. maby he hasnt seen one in real life.
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    i think its hot.
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    Who could call this car ugly? In my opinion, it is the perfect balance between power and looks. Nothing else can touch it. Well, maybe the 2003 M3.
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    i agree to it is a hot car i have ridin in one and they do have some pickup well to that im used to lol its all together a hot car i just dont like the thought of that inline 6 lol its pathetick
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    Hmmm...If this car is so ugly then why do all the "rycers" try to copy its style by adding, "Z3 fenders" or "M-style side-view mirrors" or "M-style side skirts"? I just don't get it.
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    were talkin ugly
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    This car is gorgeous. Oh yeah the site has made a mistake. It has 321hp and a topspeed of 155mph or 250km/h electronically limited.
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    wow...what a fast car. got to drive one. and no, the engine stats are correct, the engine wasnt changed til '01, and thats the engine your thinking of. the 98-00 version had this engine, from the US market E36 M3
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    I'm not sure what your problem with BMW's is. I was never a car enthusiast until I graduated from school and bought a brand new '98 M3 as my first car. I have never recieved anything but compliments on it or the 2000 M Roadster I bought after rolling the M3. I realize that everyone has different tastes but noone pulls off luxury sport better than BWM. If you haven't driven one then you can't appreciate the smooth power curve the I6 engine gives. BMW out accelerate cars with much more hp. My 2000 M Roadster only has 240hp and still runs circles around the Nissan 350Z. As for the Roadster being a step behind the 2003 M3, I thought so as well. I am a sport sedan man myself so I only leased the roadster to see how I liked it. I ended up buying out the lease because the engine is so much more easily modified. If I can get my hands on the new Eurosport supercharger available it will outrun any M3 no matter what the mods except for the M3GTR. I would definately be interested in what BMW HATERS specific beefs are. BMW's are great on the road, proven on the track, pamper you with luxory and are imensly fun to drive. I know it gets old seeing BMW's win almost every comparison in every car magazine that they are in, but; what do you want them to do, make there cars suck to even out the contests. And I have never, ever had anyone not drool over my M Roadster when they see it. Part of the reason I kept it was from the reactions I got. I think other people like it better than I do.
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    No way anyone can say that this car is ugly and the performance has improved greatly from the 96' version.

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