what the hell is lola?

Discussion in '2002 MG EX257' started by XR SICK, Dec 25, 2002.

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    lola sportscars international. they build racing chassis.
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    According to your status, it says that you are a "Supercar Guru". All I know is that if you don't know who Lola is, you don't know s**t about cars. I mean, you've got to be kidding! Thay've only built some of the most signifigant open wheel and sports car racers for some three decades now.

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    .....Among other things. But racing chassis are what they're known for. They build damn good ones too! The Lola T-70 of the late 60's is one of my all-time favorite vintage sports racers.
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    If you don't know what lola is, you shouldn't be on this website....
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    I totally agree. But lets not forget that this character is probably an obsessed r!ce-rocket guru who doesn't follow or understand REAL racing (Like the Le Mans Series). His knowledge of motorsports probably comes from the Fast and the Furious.
  6. This is a Lola B01/60, but in certain configurations, they call it the EX257. It came out in 2001 as an LMP675, but in 2003, the rules changed making it into an LMP1(former LMP900). It's been most successfully raced by Dyson Racing in the ALMS.
  7. supercar guru..............funny,ya right.

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