What the hell is wrong at GM

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Bel Air Concept' started by JapCarsSuck, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. General motors must have handed its design studio to a bunch of elementary school kids and told them to redesign their old crap. how can anyone see this as a beautiful car?! Normally I just bash Jap cars, but this is worse!!<!-- Signature -->
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    a lot of things. except bob lutz is now working there so things will be better soon

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    GEE I DIDNT KNOW CHEVY OWNED CHRYSLER AND DAIHATSU! jeez. what a crap box. worse than the vibe and matrix. (looks like a chrysler grille and a daihatsu styligng.)<!-- Signature -->
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    Not all American cars lose their value that quickly. Stangs and Camaroes are impractical and lose their value accordingly. Non-sports cars made by American manufacturers keep their value just as well as Jap cars in the same range. Jap cars just don't have the power of a Camaroe or Stang(READ V8 Stang)<!-- Signature -->
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    man this gay ass shit I like the old bel air they should make it look something like the old one
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    It's vintage. Can't go wrong with vintage. I say buy an original and restore it. The only reason this is happening at GM is cuz they can't figure out how to compete with normal car market any more. They're only good for SUVs nowadays.<!-- Signature -->
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    Resale Value you say? I bet you didn't factor in that a E-Class mercedes loses $3500 in value by being driven off the lot....great relase value...

    Quality you say? My moms mercedes isn't in the shop that much, but when it is, the price tag is always in the sky ($2000 for new rotors break pads and labor....real value there).

    People who think that "The grass is greener on the other side of the hill" dont really get the big picture. A high price tag doesn't make the car any better.<!-- Signature -->
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    oh, by the way, no jap car for sale here has 1 ft pound of torque per cubic inch, just wanted to let all the burner boys be aware of that.<!-- Signature -->

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