what the hell is wrong with you people?!

Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Bonneville G/XP' started by impaler, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I can't stand all you people out there that just flat out say, "this car is ugly" or "pontiac can't make anything worth buying" you guys are so damn biased for whatever reasons. Sure it's no 300+hp S class
    but for the amount of mony this sports sedan costs, you get your moneys worth definitely. And that part about being "an old man's car"...... I'm 16 and I'd rather be driving this than a whole load of other sedans out there.<!-- Signature -->
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    To me, a sport sedan is smaller, RWD or AWD, and MUST have a standard transmission. It's cool that Pontiac is willing to try new stuff, but I have my beefs, I said them all in the other topic.
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    I know it doesn't have rear wheel drive or gobs of power, but why is THIS a piece of shit, and the "awesome" honda accord isn't

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    I think I would take the Pontiac over a Honda Accord anyday =P

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    man. . did one person say a thing about the accord?!?! i haven't seen a single message saying an accord is better. no, you are being a hipocrit by making that comment. you are making stupid assumptions about what cars we like, just because some of us have said we did not like this car does not mean we are fricking ricies. . damn man . . if ya like american cars just say so. . . but dont make yourself look dumb by assuming things. you know. . . the funny thing is when i started reading this thread i agreed with you. <!-- Signature -->
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    I have had all sorts of cars:

    Toyotas, Buicks, Pontiacs, BMWs

    But let me tell you one thing...out of all the cars that I have owned, and I did own them for quite a while, the only car that had absolutely no problems with was the Pontiac, surprising enough. I trusted that car with all my heart and it performed, and even outperformed alomst everyone who tried to be faster than me.
    A person can not judge the car by its make, or by its model, unless he/she has driven and owned!!! it for some time to realize all the positive and negative things about it.

    So for all ya people who have never owned a Supercharged Pontiac, just keep your comments to yourself.

    P.S. Girls dig the new Bonneville, it's different!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I dont see the reason people go for domestics or imports. My theory is " if it looks good and runs fast its a good car. I'm neither a domestic person nor an import person. I like cars for there power, looks and performance not because of what country the are from. <!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah...Me too =)
    I love the Acura TL Type S =)
    The new Nissan 3.5SE Altima is sweet too =)
    Hell..pretty much all the new Nissans are nice =) The Spec V Sentras.*droolz*...damned potent for a lil 4 banger.

    The new Corolla is ok. I've never really been a Corolla fan. The only ones that looked nice were like the mid-80's hatchback GTS =)
    The new ones looks like a minature Camry!!? but the S model is pretty sweet =)

    I am talking bout sedans here only..cuz I know the Celica GTS is one of the nicest looking cars on the road. Maybe not the best performing...but still nice to look at =)

    I have found that the GM upper end sedans are like tanks. They last a long time. They are smoothe, and the 3800series engines have been very very sweet...and they just keep on getting better through the generations.

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    Re: what the hell is wrong with you people?!

    I own a GTP and I can assure you it's one of the best for it's price. Loaded with every single option and enough torque to embarass a lot of people. Not to mention insurance calls it a family sedan. You can tune the crap out of the engine as well. http://www.grandprixstore.com if you need proof... <!-- Signature -->
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    This car is nice and I wouldn't mind having one BUT...
    I'd rather wait for the G Force to come out cause thats just something else... It'll be up there... wit the best of em...
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    Hmmmm..not sure if the G Force is coming though..

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