What the hell?

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  1. What is this piece of shit doing on here?
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    Shut da #$%# up !!
    This aint no piece of shit, this is masterpiece.<!-- Signature -->
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    Only seems like a masterpiece to kids that had way too many blows to the head. <!-- Signature -->
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    Nah The Talon Tsi Is da bomb. my Cuzin has 1 it rocks
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    What? you write like you got slammed in the head by a baseball bat. does anyone see what I mean? <!-- Signature -->
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    The Talon TSI is a masterpiece. It is proof that you gan get a 14 second car out of the factory for less than 20 thousand dollars
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    DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!!! REPRESENT!! Eaagle is freakin' awesome.
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    actually this car's amazing,its also pretty cheap
    Great handling,Good speed
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    This is basically an everyday supercar.......
    Think about it, the competition for this thing was the Probe V6.....
    I believe this car belongs here, Cheap, Fast and Fun is a very good combination
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    ANd it still has one of the largest and most devoted followings ever.

    Besides, it's domestic (and so is the Eclipse) not like Fords and GMs and Chryslers these days.

    There were no talons or eclipses in Japan, only in the US.
    Made by americans for americans.

    And for the cost of an SS you can outrun Vettes and Vipers in the Quarter.
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    SUPERCARS.NET well it is a car(vs. being a truck) and it's super--super ugly! this thing is a piece of shit. but its doing someting right to have so many fans, if you've missed that. i've never been in one so i don't know its potential, but it doesn't seem like much.
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    i took one look and i threw up all over my keyboard.
    i'm gonna need a new keyboard.
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    Ok, before I start with this response, let me just state that I own a Talon TSI AWD, so my response might be a bit biased.

    I think this car has every reason to be here. I'm sorry to say this, but most of you dont know what you are talking about. The potential of these cars is immense. Please do some reading before posting absurd comments.

    This car is the same as the Eclipse GSX. The differences are in the plastic moulding, badging and the front and back headlights, as well as the foglights. The availability of aftermarket parts is enormous.

    Someone made a comment about 14sec and 20 grand to get this car to 14sec. A huge overstatement. Stock this car is a 15 sec car. For a couple of grand, you could get this car into the 13s easily.

    If you do some reading, for example:
    You can see that for about 3500$ (parts only) you can increase output to 275-300whp and for about 5000$ (parts only) its possible to achieve 350-400whp. Thats 5000$ total for 350-400whp and not: 3500+5000. Thats assuming you follow the upgrade path, and your car is in well enough condition to sustain these modifications.

    Now obviously, at this point, you could make an arguement that given enough money you can make any car fast. Yes, sure, but my point is that for this particular car it doesnt take a whole lot, and the modifications are simple bolt-on upgrades.

    For further reading, we have a great DSM club (eclipses/talons/lasers) in Canada at www.ca.dsm.org

    If anyone is interested, here is my car:
  14. I have a 97tsi awd which I puchased last year for 6000 dollars with 47K miles I have spent less than 4000 and my car will keep up with a S2000. also I like the look of the car, several people have asked me if my front bumber is aftermarket which it is not, not to mention the fact that the car come stock with 17 inch rims wrapped in yokohoma tires. Where I'm from most people don't have these cars so not only is it quick but it is rare. I am only 18 years old and after graduating the 2nd gen Eagle talon Tsi has become THE car to own at my high school. Also for less than 20 grand you can experience a turbo and AWD which is a pretty good deal in my book. In my opinion it is a great introductory sports car for someone my age.

    In case any of you are wondering all of the 1st and 2nd gen eclipses and talons were built and assembled in Normal,Illinios.
  15. its an ok car... theres crappier junk on this sight than that. it is kinda shitty tho...
  16. its an ok car... theres crappier junk on this sight than that. it is kinda shitty tho...
  17. its an ok car... theres crappier junk on this sight than that. it is kinda shitty tho...

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