What the hell?

Discussion in '2001 Ford Mondeo Zetec S' started by F1Owner, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Why is it, ging, that every Mondeo you post on I post after you? Here are a few things to get straight:
    1: It's not sh**, you idiot. It is a nice everyday car.
    2: 170hp. That's as much as a Focus SVT/ST170, so if this shouldn't be on the website, then a: why are they on here and b: why is there a Punto in your avatar? That is definetly NOT a supercar.
    3: Yes, it's a family car for the average guy. You got one thing right. Not 100% for people who don't care about cars and knows nothing at all.
    4: I'm sick of you dissing and generally treating Mondeos horribly, die.
  2. You are an idoit. Mondeo's are boring old granny cars.
    You die.
  3. So you own a FErrari F1,huh?

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