what the hell

Discussion in '2000 Pontiac Firebird Bird Of Prey Concept' started by camaroking396, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this is the car that is most likely going to replace the firebird when it comes out again in 2004 notmuch of a change is there?
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    Here's what's goin' to replace the camaro<!-- Signature -->
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    what a hotwheels?
    your kidding me right?
    <!-- Signature -->
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    I don't care if they ever change the T/A style again because right now it can make any woman get hot and bothered.<!-- Signature -->
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    this car is the best and well......
    i figure if the mustang tries to put this out to the nest ..... it ain't gonna work<!-- Signature -->
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    GM really went balls out in 2000 creating killer concepts. Now lets get some production killers!<!-- Signature -->
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    I think that it is funny that it is funny that all the Pony car company's are loosing their main muscle car.<!-- Signature -->
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    I want....no....NEED this car!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    lamborghini guy: only chevy and pontiac have lost it but only till 2004 and then you can say hello once again
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    It's A really Intruiging Concept. Love that styling!
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    It's a fine example of why god has given us superiorty over animals
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    i really don't think this will be replacing anything
    it doesn't make very much sense to replace a car with what is almost exactly the same car
    it would be nice
    but i doubt it will actually happen

    but where did you hear that it was the replacement?

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