What the #$%#, Subaru?

Discussion in '2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI R205' started by 944turb0, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. THANKS for pussfying and koreafying an icon. #$%#ing idiots.
  2. Looks like a cheap Saturn sedan with a hood scoop
  3. Agreed. This is totally fugly. But then remember the bug-eyed Impreza. Maybe this will evolve into something beautiful after they realize how ugly it is. I think this design is due to Toyota's design influence since I believe they own a large share of Subaru now instead of GM. The nose is sorta similar to the Camry/Echo..actually more like Sebring. The sides is like the Mazda3, Civic, the rear is Mazda 3. Overall, I am disappointed as well. Give me a 2007 STi or Impreza in any configuration anyday over this.
  4. The side seems to be at least 3series inspired... the rest looks uninspired
  5. ahhhh!, those tail lights
  6. So not only did they ruin the body but also the powerband? 224hp at 5200 RPM seems like more of a truck engine than anything that belongs in a sports car. I don't see how moving the powerband down helps their already fragile tranny. Atleast you can always buy a nice used one for 15-20,000.
  7. this is rubbish, theyve completely embarrased the impreza lineup. ppl at the rally scene are gonna be laughin.
  8. TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just go to any WRX forum site ( NASIOC.com )
    And you will find that NOT A SINGLE PERSON would ever buy this nasty looking Toyota camary!!!

    I almost projectile vomited when I say this for the first time!!!

    Well the resalve value of my 2004 WRX just went up for sure.

    Why the HELL would they:
    -Get rid of the fender flares
    -Key it down to make it look 10x less aggresive
    -Dont increase HP or TQ
    -Make it resemble some cheap eco box Camary

  9. hahaha or more like crying!
  10. this marks the end of their rally racing streak . so whos gonna fill their position now?
  11. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  12. ill say that Mitsubishi is going to clean house now that Subaru has f***cked this up
  13. the sedan has potential, but the 5-door is hopeless. i won't completely dismiss it until the STi sedan comes out. on some sad news though, i read somewhere that the 5-door, not the sedan, will be used in the WRC. prodrive has their work cut out for them.
  14. Why... Why... Why.... X((

    Legacy is getting more beautiful, impreza is getting uglier... I hope this doen't happen too for the new upcoming legacy.
  15. Anyone else think the rear of the sedan looks like a Kia?

    Jesus Christ this looks terrible. It looks like a Camry or a older Mazda3. The hatchback, while looking better than the sedan at least, looks exactly like a new Mazda3.

    I was kind of worried about the WRX after they kept boosting the price and not really improving performance that much despite competition, but this has put me over the edge. Argh!
  16. Why fix wahts not broke, like really, the 04 is my favorite body style
  17. maybe these photo's just dont do the car justice, its lines may look at lil better in real life but i got to admit im pretty disappointed.. performance wise it seems alright but what i loved about the older models especially the 99 model, was that it was just raw driving pleasure which didnt look like anything else out there on the road u could just tell it was a subaru, lol i dunno maybe im getting old
  18. not only is this hurrendous, the new lancer is gorgeous.

    subaru droped the ball.
  19. I agree, it's lost a lot of the soul of the Impreza, but ultimately, does it really matter what a car looks like? I really couldn't care less what it looks like, as long as it goes like a bat outta hell, for that matter, the fuglier the better, cuz there's nothing better than wiping the smug grin off some jackass's face when you blow him away in a 180 hairpin.
  20. I totally agree with the concept actually. I could care less what a car looks like. My fav cars are the 997 GT3 and the Enzo, both not the greatest looking cars, but both perform very good.

    But, this looks, AND seems like it performs how it looks....-boring.
  21. I agree, however, what was interesting about the WRX's styling before was that it was always a bit of an acquired taste. Whether you loved it or hated it, it always looked unique and unlike anything else on the road. But with this I see a Corolla(front end), a Kia of some sort(rear end), and Mazda3(hatchback). What I see now is Subaru being afraid of taking huge risks in new styling. Why did they lose the last grill? Sure it wasn't perfect, but I think it was heading in the right direction. Sigh.

    Regardless, I'd still take it if I could.
  22. Why so little horsepower.???????????????
  23. it's a sport compact family sedan, the mid level model, what kind of power do you expect?

    but considering it has the same, or more power than other cars in the same price range and class, you're an idiot for asking that.
  24. looks like a sebring
  25. Were they drunke when they designed that car? Now there is no more competition for the mitsubishi EVO. I thin kthis is real bullshit!

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