What was the best & worst Mustang period?

Discussion in '1983 Ford Mustang SVO' started by LittleMercedes, Nov 11, 2002.

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    true, the original one were the best...the 80's are completely the worst,!!!
    now they're in a good period , not as good as the original one but anyway!
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    My favorite generation has always been the Fox body 5.0s. They have the absolute best engine from tuning standpoints. Not to mention, the 93 4th gen GT weighed less than the 94 5th generation GT.

    With the new 2003 Mustang Cobra though... my opinions may change. We'll just have to see if 2004+ follows suit. I also like the 2002 4 valve/cyl Cobra engine. I'm just not a fan of the 4.6 liter 2 valve/cyl. If you're going to stick with 2 valves per cylinder, you could at least bump the displacement back up to a 302.

    Oh, and btw, I personally think that the majority of you who are ragging on the 79-93 Fox Body are only doing it because you don't like the styling. Shame on you.
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    92 cobra
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    i bought an 87 GT not long ago and have been very pleased with it... i have 17 inch cobra R rims on it and currently building a 351 windsor for it<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> me need power lol.... But overall the older mustangs late 60's early 70's were sweet... but i love the fox bodies like the one i purchase alot just my 2 Cents
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    just when i thought i'd seen the ugliest american cars, this pops up...

    still better then alot of the japanese and european concepts though.

    im not a big american car guy, but i would agree that the 80's were the worst mustangs. i couldnt believe that ford would actually throw a four-banger into their muscle car. horrible idea.
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    That depends on how you are looking at it...
    For performance, the Mustang two of 1974-1978 were of the worst period and the Fox chassis Mustangs of '79-'93 were of the best period, but the new ones are catching up quick, especially if you consider all the special productions going on now- Ford just unvieled their new 305 horse Mach 1's, they boosted their 2002-03 Cobras to 395 horses, plus we have Saleen's vehicles and Roush's especially. But back to the 74-78's. '74 was the first year they opted for a 4-banger and the only year they didn't have a V-8, but it was chosen to as Motor Trend's car of the year and was a pace car. Also, it was the smallest Mustang Ford ever produced and the second lightest (the 79-93's stole that in the next redesign.) Their sales were about 90-95% of original sales. The next year they added a 302 V-8, but underpowered and sales dropped to half that. They added a Cobra that year, too, but it was also underpowered, but with catchy paint. It stayed the same until 1978, when they introduced the King Cobra and continued through just over 5000 production. It had a little more power but very little more.
    Now to '79-93. In '79 it was redesigned to fit the fox chassis which had already been implimented in cars like the Zephyr and Capri. Again, it paced the Indianapolis 500 and, in honor, Ford produced about 10,000 (I think) Pace Car edition Mustangs with around 200-horse 302s in them. The regular 302 had about 185 horses- similar to the ones used the previous period, but the weight of the new Mustang made that small engine seem powerful. Throughout the next thirteen years, the engine's power grew to about 235 horses (in the '90-'93 Cobras) and about 225 in regular production. The early 80's saw the introduction of the SVO Mustangs with a supercharged I(?)-4 , like the one above. It had more than ample power and the Camaros of the early '80s found themselves helpless against these 4-banger Mustangs, not-to-mention the bigger V-8s.
    As far as the Boss 429's mentioned earlier, they were the fastest single production Mustangs, but these could not compete against the Fox Mustangs on a twisty track. Plus the availability and cheapness of perormance parts for Fox Mustangs made these popular to modifiers. It was '84,'85, or'86 when Saleen started his production. But then the Boss Mustangs could not compete with the 400+ horse versions of the 428 Cobra Jet put in Shelby's '68 Gt-500 KRs.

    As far as appearance is concerned, all years are beautiful in their own way, at least to me, since I am an avid Mustang enthusiast. However, others will say that the Mustang II of '74-'78 are the ugliest. But as for the prettiest, I think the first Mustang '64-66 is the prettiest since I have one.

    Remember that the info I gave is mostly just from my memory and if you have any questions or want more info, e-mail me at [email protected] I am not prepared to argue which is better as far a Camaro V Mustang or Barracuda V Mustang, etc. Because I know very little about other cars, but if you are a Mustang enthusiast too, please e-mail. Also, I may be able to tell you of a couple of great books to try.
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    I read the forums and here is my knowledge-

    ch1c4n3- It was not poor on power, especially considering the poor power some of these commercials are boasting nowadays. The car was light (A LOT lighter than any Chevy I've ever seen) and it has more than enough power to satisfy anyone who does not have millions to spend on a car.

    DANUM- There was no '66 Cobra Jet, though there was a '65 Mustang AF/X these people and Ford worked together to produce- it had a 427 in it that cranked out over 600 horses. The Cobra Jet itself is the 428 engine put in some '67,'68, '69 (?), and '70(?) Mustangs, not to mention Shelby's famous GT-500s and GT-500 Krs.

    Viper1000- There was no Mustang in '60. Take someone else's advice and do some research.

    Comunista- For the most part you know your Mustangs, except for the Boss 530 and Boss 1000 thing, and for that I salute you.

    Jaguar- I doubt they ever made a Boss 530 and if they did it was never regular production so it don't count so shut your shit.

    Herton17- Fords last. My Mustang was born on Oct. 11, 1965, which makes it over 37 years old and the engine has never been rebuilt or changed out and it runs almost perfectly. Nor has it had any major work done to it, yet.

    oddseth- Like they said, it's a turbocharger and anyway I don't see you complaining about the numorous Ferarri, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and such that implement a supercharger. Hell, even the GT-350s had a Paxton unit attached.

    vadar- The Hi-Po 289 used in the '65-'68 Mustangs wound out 271 horses, less than any 350 Camaro Z-28, nevertheless, it still out performs it. Just check out "The Ultimate Collector Car Encyclopedia", I think that's what it is, and check 0-60, 0-100, and Top Speeds, and you will find Mustang takes all catagories. If you can't find it, I'll recheck the title on Friday or Saturday and get back to you.

    E-mail me at [email protected] to report any questions or challenges to my claims.

    Admittedly, there may be some errors in both replies posted, but only because of my memory and lack of study of Mustangs after '70. Nevertheless, all claims are close.

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    '65 to about '72 were the best stangs, the 80's were the worst. All time favourite car, 1970 Boss 429
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    Best Mustang: 2001 SVT Cobra, i like how its 320 hp of raw naturally aspirated power. Not 390 from a supercharger

    worst era of mustangs had to be in the 80's up to 87. They were weak, and just plain ugly!

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    Best: up to 1970's

    Worst: after the late 1970's
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    Which "Gone in 60 Seconds" are you talking about? The lame one with Nick Cage, I would assume. It was a GT500 in that one, but I find conflicting information for the year, the official stuff for the movie says it is a '67.

    The original movie was made in 1974 pretty much by one guy, and he special built a yellow '73 Mach1 that was used for the entire movie - yes just ONE stunt car - it still exists in a museum some where.....

    They used 10 stunt cars for the new movie, and they were all special built, none of them were original GT500's. Wouldn't be good to trash a bunch of real ones worth $$$!!!
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    except for one thing. the new SVT cobra beats the corvette
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    look - the regular stang gets whooped by f- body and vette the Svt Cobra gets whooped by the ZO6 vette. there you go.
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    im not talkin about f-bodies and Z06s and GTs im talkin about the SVT cobra beating the regular corvette. besides F-bodies arent made anymore so GTs dont get beat by them. i hear The Z06 gets compared with the cobra R so dont compare it with the svt cobra
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    My favorite Stangs are all of em from 1064 to 1969..1970's Stangs look like blaha..And the newest ones are pretty sweet too..

    My Top 5:
    1967 GT 390 (same color as the GT390 in "Bullitt")
    1966 Convertible (candy red w/ white interior and white cab)
    1967 Shelby GT 350/500 (Black w/ white stripes)
    1966 Shelby GT 350/350H (Red w/ white stripes)
    1968 Shelby GT 350/500 Convertible (preferably w/ a hood from a 1967 model, and tail lights from a 1967 too)
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    oops hit enter in accident....I was going to say it's ugly,and don't
    give me that it's an '83 bull shit,because I can name plenty of '83 or older cars that look good as hell,example POrsche 928S,Ferrari 208GTB(Euro-only)Datsun 280Zx to name a few.But then again which Mustang isn't ugly,lol
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    I just realized that I said some pretty dumb shit. Although those 80's Mustangs were ugly as hell, they pretty much rule the drag strips. In fact, I'm planning to get a 5.0 Mustang to street race. Who thinks that might be a bad idea?
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    Thought you already had one, or do you want to keep it as a daily driver (albeit a modified daily driver)
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    The best is the 1970s Mustang Boss 429 and the worst are the 1980s ones. The 1990s and 2000 models are OK but not as good as the 1970s ones
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    learn to spell you FUCKING moron!!
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    His spelling is fine, it's his grammar that's the problem.
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    I wonder if any of you are over 12 years old... Some of you are spouting the absolute dumbest shite I've heard people say on an automotive board.

    In the early '80s, it looked like the market for domestic V8 ponycars was going to go away. everybody wanted turbo 4 cyls (just like import prerfomance cars still often are). Ford decided to seriously get into that market, so that the Mustang itself didn't have to go away (remember, the first Mustang show car was a mid engine 4 cyl car, and the first production mustangs were all I6 powered...). In '80 (the second year of the Fox Mustang), you could get a turbocharged 2.3 in place of the 5.0 if you wanted, though it didn't have as much power, it was, as all turbo cars, rather tuneable. Pointed teh way towards the future of performance street cars. In '84, Ford's SVO team pumped up the turbo 4's power past that of the V8, gave it 16" wheels (a big deal in '84!) 4 wheel disc brakes (also a big deal back then) and tuned teh suspension for handling. The car was incredible when it came out, and remains a collector's item. Those of you dissing on it are ingorant in the extreme.

    Like all intercooled turbo cars, it's very easy to get the engines to make huge power. It was also the car (in '85) that pushed american regulatory agencies to allow flush mounted composite headlamps (which were illegal in the US prior to this).

    As for the rest of the Mustang lineup, If you're seeing rusty ones, you're living in the North East, where road salt takes it's toll on any car over 10 yeras old. My Jaguar is rusting all over, and it's an '86. I've sen late model Hondas, Toyotas, Chevys, and BMWs wiht rust over here. On the other hand, you can easily find non rusted daily driver Mustangs back to the 60s and 70s on the west coast. Saying they rust easy really shows your ignorance of how rust works. Which is typical for the retards that tend to post here.

    The Mustang II was Ford's response to the cars of the late '60s and early '70s getting too big. It would have been faster (as originally designed) but the emissions rules of '74 really caught a lot of the manufacturing world (and I mean EVERYWHERE) off guard, so engines across the board got seriously detuned. At EVERY manufacturer. But, unless you are restoring a collector car back to bone stock, that doesn't matter.

    That's important enough that it needs to be repeated: unless you are restoring one to bone stock, THE OUTPUT OF THE STOCK ENGINE IS NOT IMPORTANT! The 302 powered Mustang II is a lighter car than the bigger '69-73 Mustang, and is cheap and easy to make VERY fast, because it is already a V8 car... Its stock ability has no bearing on what the average one is capable of.
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    His grammar would be fine if he had more than two brain cells working. But he's a moron, so the grammar fits...
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    Yew no dam wel thet I ment it's his grammer thit nedes improovment<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

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