What was the best & worst Mustang period?

Discussion in '1983 Ford Mustang SVO' started by LittleMercedes, Nov 11, 2002.

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    Well concealed plageurizm, I give it a "C-" son.
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    Best looking: SN95s 94-98
    Worst looking: Fox bodies. They bear few if any styling cues to any other Mustang.

    Best performance is hard to say, and it depends on the "mission" so to speak. Most generations of Mustangs have their moments. You can't deny the success of the GT-350s and the Boss Mustangs. I do feel the late 80's Fox bodies are overrated, but you cannot deny their success in that time period. However, with the improvements in technology and experience, I would say that the current Mustangs offer the best performance ever.

    BTW, what's going on with the Cobra thing? I have seen several references of 92, and 90-93 Cobras. SVT was started in 93, and the only year for a Fox Cobra was 93.
  3. Hmmm..

    THe nose on this car seems to have inspired the '87-'93 GT mustangs nose.
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    WORST MUSTANGS: All Mustangs from 1980 -1989
    BEST MUSTANGS: 2003 Shelby G.T.500/E, 2003 Ford Mustang GT Concept
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    This is the worst Mustang ever created! Ford should be ashamed!
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    Being a mustang fan i cant really say any of the mustangs "sucked", but if i had to make a choice it would have to be the 80's mustangs. I mean they were the worst looking mustangs ever built. They still had that big 5.0 litre engine though. My personal favorite was the '67 shelby mustangs.
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    These cars did okay for the time. I mean they made as much power as the EFI V-8's from '87. The turbo 4-cyl. just didnt catch on too well to a crowd used to two-door V-8 pony cars.
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    So you guys...is ignorance REALLY...bliss?
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    1965-1973 and 84-95 and 99-present all the gaps were the dark ages...
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    You are incorrect. Starting in 1987 the GT and LX mustangs took on a new body style and a new High Output, Fuel injected 5.0L that was perfect for turning the cars into pure speed machines that look very good.
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    87 to 93 is all the same style. Actually the 87's and 88's were actually a little faster than 89-93 because ford slightly detuned the powerplants.
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    Mustang II.
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    1)there aren't enough dodges on this site
    2)there should be a musclecars.net, just like this site only with less beaters, that is to say no imports or crap.
    3)I find it interesting how on a ford car's forum you find all sorts of chevy A-holes ratting all over the mustang and yet most chevy car forums (like the 69 camaro) are clean. could this be becuase ford guys have some respect for how good ALL american cars really are, or becuase they're not ignorant, or becuase chevy morons (not all of them) just can't seem to accept that somehow, just maybe, if you're not in fairy tale land there will always be a car that is faster or better than yours.
    4)corvettes are just over-priced pieces of shit, that are pretending to be british sports cars. 2003 Z06 vette=405 Hp (or somewere in there) and around $52,385. 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra=395 Hp (a Whole 10 less! about what you could get with a K&N Air filter) and around $36,000 (i think), let's see that's 10 Hp more for only $16,000. what a deal!
    5)All Mustangs are beautiful, some are just more than others. my favorite is the 1970 Boss 429
    6)People who base the goodness of a car on how much rust it has and what color the paint is need to grab a brain. 1973 pinto rusted right out with a 427 medium riser, or a 1983 mustang with a four banger.( it's really not that hard of a choice)
    7)you can't deny real life. you go to the drag strip on street legal night and some of the fastest cars you see are Fox body mustangs. I saw a 92 stock looking on the outside, that didn't have tires as smooth as a babies behind run a 9.12 at like 124 Mph. besides these the other ones i notice that are fast are old Dodge Valiants with 340's and 383's.
    8)I would take a trans-am or any F-body over any corvette anyday becuase F-bodies are more of a muscle car than corvettes will ever be.

    P.S Aids cures Fags
    a corvette without an LS1 is like a toilet without a cherry bomb. (i know, it makes sense, don't it?)
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    The Z06 is also considerably faster than the Mustang SVT Cobra.

    There's more to a car than how much hp it has. I mean, the NSX-R is faster than the SVT Cobra in straightline acceleration (the thing it was least designed for), and yet it only puts out 276hp.
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    best was the original the worst was the late 70's in my opinion
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    the worst era was when it first came out to present day, camaros will always be better.
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    worst for me are the box-bodies. best for me was a '69
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    What Camaro? Funny, I don't see a Camaro anymore.
  19. Wow is all I have to say as to how many of you have no idea what you're talking about. Putting that aside, as my name would suggest - I happen to be the proud owner of a 1985 SVO Mustang. Agreed is the fact that there is nothing like American V8 muscle, thats why I have a 1964 Comet with a hi-po (if you don't know what a hi-po is then don't bother talking about Fords - you don't know enough to convince a 5 year old you're right). My SVO has very few modifications (K&N filter, later 86 SVO style manifold) and some simple home-schooled style tuning. With these minor changes I'm running in the mid 14's at the quarter mile. Did I mention that I get 18mpg around town and mid 20's on the highway? Add to this the fact that prior to the 2000 Cobra the SVO mustang was considered to be the best handling mustang ever and you have an extremely well ballanced car. I have no problem with you guys that prefer Chevys or Mopars or even other Fords - I do however have a problem with people putting down things they don't understand.

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