What was this guy thinking?

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by hockeyman11385, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. A gorgeous black SLR ruined by a stupid paint job. Why would you want that on the hood of your new $440,000 supercar?

    *Taken from exoticspotter.com (obviously)
  2. IMO its a photoshop
  4. If it means something then it's ok.
  5. its nice man !!
  6. Reminds me of a 80's Pontiac Firebird. So white trash, I love it!
  7. My money is on it being real.
  8. If the shoe fits, wear it.
  9. One hell of a photoshop if it is one
  10. I'd kill to see a mullet in an SLR.
  11. if any one actualy did that then im shocked
  12. white trash, yeah!
  13. It's real. It's the Bijan for Men logo on the hood of the owner's car.
  14. Its real, i saw this SLR a few weeks ago at Euro Sunday here in So Cal... same car same paint job... i could have sworn i took a pic of it
  15. Much better than the Diablo SE30 with those dolphins
  16. truth
  17. I'd still drive it.
  18. #$%#ing hippies
  19. i'd sell it and get a used Zonda
  20. "i should paint a bird on the hood"
  22. "Bijan for Men"

    Whats that? Sounds like a clothing company
  23. It is, and I'd venture to guess that the car is parked outside of...Bijan's store. I'd also guess that it is his car. He has a penchant for buying cars that (in part) advertise for his brand. His favroite color (and the color of his store) is yellow. As such, he has had both a yellow Bentley Continental R and a black Azure with a yellow leather interior.
  25. dam it! its not a photoshop. ive seen it!

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