What was your driver's ed car?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lucky strike, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Some busted ass 93 ford escort.
  2. No e-brake, it was in the floor, I just had to cut it until the back tires broke loose. I know it wasn't REAL drifting, but it was pretty much drifting
  3. Poor driver's ed cars get the most wear and tear out of almost anything, no wonder they run like pieces of shit.
  4. Btw, it was gravel, not pavement
  5. '99 suzuki swift (manual). I t was shit.
  6. It's easy as hell to put a fwd car sideways on gravel.
  7. I've noticed
  8. i havent taken drivers ed. though the car i mostly learned on was a new mini cooper S.
  9. The driving school had Volvo S40s.

    I learned most on my old E30 BMW 320 though.
  10. There was an '87 Caprice, a '94ish Intrepid and a "sweet" '00 Taurus that everyone faught over.
  11. the first car i ever drove was my mom's 1985 Honda Ballade 130. it still is a fantastic drive. My learners' ride was a Toyota Conquest. (ie. an early 1990's Corolla hatch)
  12. Mazda 626 <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  13. ford taurus i think, POS. the brakes where like concrete. the instructor was the worst teacher on the face of the earth. i kid you not. everyone who's had him kicked themselves for taking it with this guy. if i ever see him again, i will run him over

    he would say everything is wrong, just to hear the sound of his voice. he'd even go AGAINST what he said the day before only to be right. he didnt care about actual rules, he just cared that he was right and you were wrong, about EVERYTHING

    i was driving a prelude daily in between my monthly [he was SUCH a busy guy it seems] sessions with his taurus and drove better then most adults at that point but he'd still find something to pin me on for no reason
    [this is not only MY experience]

    he would never tell you that you did well, he will always say some BS like, "i think you're improving but you still have a long way to go"
    BS as if he even remembered how i drove before. eitherway, he said this the day before i took my exam and got a perfect score. long way to go? hardly

    the guy was a douche. i hope he dies
  14. lotec sirius, yes im serious
  15. clever
  16. 1986 Toyota Tercel
  17. Saturn whatever.
  18. ah ok that kind of stuff. my was a bmw 320d
  19. Mine was this beast, although it was silver so, therefore, much faster.
  20. Mine was this beast, although it was silver so therefore much faster.
  21. It was a Chevy Corsica, i'm not sure what year it was.
  22. 98 Citroen Xsara
  23. ~2000 corolla. The immigrant instructor showed me how he had to turn off the A/C to accelerate onto the highway.

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