What was your last beer/booze puchase?

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  1. And what did you think of it?

    Since the old thread is all like... broken, time for a new one.

    This is volume 4, in case anyone was interested in knowing.
  2. Mine was a 28 pack of Carling Black Label.

    Beer for working.

  3. Another 6 Pack of Maverick. I love this stuff. They have awesome bottles, really tall and narrow. Also 355ML to a bottle, not 341ML.

    Also someone left a 5 pack of Budweiser in my fridge, bleh. Save those for visitors.
  4. 12 Brick Waterloo Dark Lager
    12 Steamwhistle Pilsner
  5. Steamwhistle Pilsner is good stuff. I had to get my buddy from Australia to try it while he was visiting. Seeing how he couldn't get a chance to buy it in Australia.
  6. Bottle of Duvel.
  7. good stuff.

  8. Heritage Dark Ale x12
    Lakeport Honey x12 (working beer)
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    That one? I've never tried it. Sounds good from what I read on some reviews.

    You ever tried Carling Black Label? It's not quite as cheap as the Lakeport beers, but I find it's a great working beer.
  10. 12 pack of Coors
  11. I bought quite a bit of beer this weekend.

    12 Sampler Pack of J.W. Dundees
    6 Saranac Lager
    6 Icehouse
  12. amstel. i got it for free. doesn't taste bad or good.
  13. I didn't notice any discernable difference between Amstel and Heineken. Is there one?
  14. 12 x Hockley Dark Ale

    This stuff has won a shitload of beer awards in Europe and Canada. If you guys ever see this shit in your stores, buy as much as you can.

  15. Another 6 pack of Maverick Lager.
  16. a little bit. amstel is owned by heineken so they won't overlap their own markets. i prefer heineken though, allthough that is not a good beer as well.
  17. I bought about 9 killkennies at the bar.
  18. what the hell?
  19. 6 pack of Maverick Lager
  20. Two cases of Sierra Nevada, they are gone, I am broke
  21. I've never tried that stuff, but I've heard of it. What kind of beer is it?
  22. They make a bunch of stuff, but like 75% of what they sell is a Pale Ale. Brewed locally by some hippy in Chico, but he's done real well and it's distributed nationally now.
  23. Pint of Kokanee Gold
    Bottle of Grolsch.

    I never had Grolsch in 8 months, so I wanted to try it again.

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