What was your last beer/booze purchase?

Discussion in 'Wheelman's Website Forum' started by Wheelman, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Fail.
  2. Oh
  3. Olde English 40 and Mongoose 40.

    Malt Liqour till I die.
  4. ZOMG!!! KIWI VODKA!!!

    how is it?
  5. Wait. Why?
  6. Captain Morgan?

    Drink whiskey dude, it's for men.
  7. Oh. I just wanted to get drunk.
  8. Word, I had some aged scotch that was like 43% for St. patrick's day, it went down so smooth.
  9. case of blue moon, goose island 312, and a bottle of jameson
  10. I got a 6 of Henikenn Light, it was good actually.
  11. I wasn't even aware they made Heineken Light.
  12. I thought it was really good. Its one of those vodka's that you can drink straight with ease, unlike some others I have tried (probably a quality thing, I'm not sure).

    The kiwifruit flavour is probably my favourite from the 42 Below range.
  13. It just came out not that long ago. Probally tastes like shit.
  14. actually its not bad, my girl wanted to try some. I gotta say for a light beer is was good. It wasnt Amstel but close, probably one of the better light beers I have had.
  15. So good, I'm buying a four pack next time.
  16. Only an Americanwould buy that trash.
  17. That shit is GOOOOD!
  18. I had to buy another bottle, this paticular bottle was brewed on December 19, 2005. Right before my birthday. It ought to be good.
  19. 6 of kronnenbourg
    6 of Dab
  20. Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I never tried SA before, actually better then I was expecting, considering its american. Guess those good commetns I heard of the stuff weren't bullshit afterall. It was this or some more Alexander Ketihs. I just bought a 6pack. Really good for the money.
  21. I have to admit, Sam Adams is definitely "not bad". I pick it over a Keith's anyday.
  22. 500ml of Erdinger Weissbier - Dunkel
  23. Good stuff.
  24. Maverick. Its a local beer brewed in my city. I find its one of those beers that are perfect for the casual drink. Easy to go down, no lingering aftertaste, and unlike other maintstream beers, this actually has taste to it, and its own uniqueness. Excuse my crappy cellphone pictures.
  25. What's with people hating aftertaste?

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