What we know, what we don't?

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    I'm looking here now at this RX-8, which, by the way, just excites me by its aggressive stance and rigid shape, and i think to myself, this car seems great. Let's consider what we know (and for anyone who care's sake, compare it to a 'similar' car):

    Mazda RX-8 Honda S2000 (what else? =D)
    -1.3L 2Rotary Engine -2.0L Inline-4 (VTEC)
    -250HP @ ? rpm -240HP @ 8300 rpm

    (let's guess it's at 8500 rpm because the THREE other concepts that
    derived this new RX-8 rounded to about that)

    -162.3ftlbs torque @ ? rpm -153ftlbs torque @ 7500 rpm

    (again let's guess the torque peak is around 8200 rpm because the
    THREE (note 3! concepts made before this one) others round to about

    - 6-speed gearbox (both)
    unfortunately, we don't know the gear ratios (which make a lot of
    difference) for the RX8 to compare, however i can say that the
    S2000's gear ratios are very close to contain the VTEC all the way
    through the 1320 ft.

    Now one variable we don't know is the weight for the RX-8 and anyone who is anyone knows the significance of weight, or the lack of it i should say. BUT! Let's guess it based on the closeness in body layout of the S2000(i wonder what Mazda's motivation was behind modeling a car so similarly? makes me wonder =D...anyway--->) and its sister car the RX-7 (just in case you were wondering, I have the links to the supercars webpages of the three concepts that created this RX-8 at the bottom): S2000 is ~2800lbs; RX-7 is ~2700lbs. Even with the lighter engine, the extra, small but weight containing, doors put it back in, thus we come to around ~2700-2800 lbs.

    Now who is faster? I DUNNO =P, but it'd be a good race. In the past most rotary engine's are pretty close in HP/Torque ratios, but this one is not, so i am led to believe it might have some sort of advanced valve timing (VTEC STYLE =D). If not, that might serve as a great advantage as it would not need to wait to pass the specific RPM so that it's power will engage.

    In any case, the RX-8 seems to be a beautiful car for any engine building enthusiast (non-turbo and not too many 'high-performance' mods come stock) or just another driver wanting to look good and with a few bucks (anyone got a price quote/guess? S2000 is ~$32K).

    My opinion? I'm looking forward to a roadster-like car with FOUR (=D) seats (gotta cram the fans somewhere =D) and only two visible doors. Short shifter, dual exhaust, plenty of room to wheel the seat back (for those of us like me who are too tall to be talking about cars like this), nice wheels, and great front and rear taillights. I've driven a few cars in my life, and i know this is one i want to try. Peppy, sleak, stylish, sporty, sweeeeeet... let's hear some replies yo! L8rz

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    I agree =)
    This is gonna be one kickass car on the track and on the road, but if Mazda does incorporate some VTEC like system in, I hope the engine can run properly when only warm.
    I noticed that the VTEC needs to have a nice hot engine to work properly. (Don't ask =P I blew a Prelude VTEC system) =P

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    You guys are damn right, there's nothing better than to compare this crap to the S2000, its predecessor.
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    rotory's do not have valves... atleast not traditional valves you may be thinkin of like those that are in 4 stroke pistion engines <IMG SRC="http://www.supercarforums.com/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    Sorry, No valves, cams, lifters, heads, head gaskets, timing chains, rods, crankshaft, pistons, etc. Just two triangles <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    The price for the rx8 will be somewhere around $25000 US which is about $40000 Canadian.<!-- Signature -->
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    how do they measure rpm in a rotary, how fast the rotors move? really? no crankshaft? how the hell does this thing work? i've tried to read up on it and it said somethinga bout combustion driving the rotors which act somewhat like pistons but no crankshaft? is it because it already moves in a rotary fashion? also how is that it makes such large torque in proportion to hp is it because of the surface area of the rotors or something?
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    The rotations in a rotary are measured by the rotation of the output shaft. You could also measure the rpms in a rotary by counting 3 rotations for every one rotation of the rotor. Don't understand why this is so? Go to www.howstuffworks.com/rotary-engine.htm <!-- Signature -->

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