what would one cost right now?

Discussion in '1989 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II' started by speedracer04, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. love it and i just want to know becuase well...you never know.

    i did google it but it seems they are very hard to find in the first place.

  2. yah i was thinking the same thing, if theyre cheap right now that would be one bad ass car. but what im wondering now is, does anyone know if this body kit is for sale?
  3. They can be had in the high 20 thousand - 30 thousand range.
  4. I have to agree with you, there is something about this car that I love
  5. Last I heard, these things are going for mad high prices because not that many of them were brought to North America..something like 200 units. Other thing is that there are not many remaining, and those that are still here are usually restored to new condition. I know Pacione Motorsports here in Toronto has one.
  6. Found one in Canada, imported from japan for $15,000 CAD. $18-ish USD.
  7. u sure that wasn't a 2.3 16?
  8. 18ish sounds really low. the only one i found was 70,000 but it had no miles on it

    one for like 30ish would be tight
  9. i would like one myself. it's sooo sleek and sporty. if i had it my way i would get one but i would rather buy a brand new Civic Si to be honest because this benz 190 evo is a collector's car.
  10. Are you #$%#ing serious? I need it.
  11. yep there are a couple here and there around england floating for about 20 000 to 30 000 euros, dont know about the states
  12. Not too long ago i saw a 2.5 evolution II going for £GBP 26,000
    and a 2.3 evolution I for £GBP 16,000. I love these cars!
  13. lol i love this car its like a mercedes and a evo had a child its funny lookin love to have it
  14. !@#ing awesome
  15. well a friend had a 2.5 16v and sale it for about 10 k euros with a bodykit and some brabus stuff on it
  16. I really like this car!
  17. this car looks pretty sweet wouldnt mind one my self. this or an e30 bmw. this the equivalent to the m3
  18. My dad just got a 91 190E not an Evolution but still a 2l with 122bhp-guess the price--------2000euro.
  19. There are aftermarket manufacturers of the EVOII Body kits. I cant remember who they are, but I have some catalogs from them at my house.
  20. Shoot me the names-I`ve got one,too.

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