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  1. from bottom to top
    Sketchers, the ones in my avatar, tied tight as h*ll, nylon khaki cargo pants that zip off at the knee into shorts, black belt with a huge VoLcom belt buckle, Puma Ferrari "waist bag" cocked to one side so that VOlcom is visible, navy blue V-neck shirt tucked in (that deep V shows off my aztec sun chest tattoo and my leather necklace with beads on it), then i have a black cordoroy blazer on, Oakley sunglasses and Fred Durst style chin hair, LA looks for spikin up my frosted tips.
    I might tie a flannel around my waist before i head out because Pharrell has been doin it and i want to be stylish.
  2. The pants I wore yesterday and the first shirt I grabbed.
  3. I hope you're wearing white socks
  4. there better be mythical creatures and/or flames on that shirt, Lightness
  5. white sport socks with grey on the heels.
    New Balance shoes tied HELLA tight with the biggest bunny ears ever. These things culring up like bananas.
    Then I got my jean shorts on. Super wide, 5 inches above the ankle. (love that look!)
    Got a badass new belt from ``hottopic``. Black with pink tiger stripes, whooo.
    Then I got my XXL "Fox Racing" tshirt on. The navy blue one with the yellow fox logo, its my favourite.
    Wearing my Timex, as ususal.
    Got my Blink-182 fitted cap on. Go it at their concert when they rolled through Sacramento in 2003. I wear it everywhere, never take it off. Even eat dinner with it on at my dad's house, like a boss.
  6. White socks, a smile.
  7. Bjorn Borg pyjama trousers, on my way to take a nap before maybe going out later. It was -27C this morning, I need to wear more clothes then. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  8. Kenneth Cole Reaction slip on shoes, dark brown leather
    darker brown dress socks
    Dockers olive colored slacks in 34 which should really be a 33 or 32 now
    Unknown brown belt with an extra hole stabbed in it because I lost weight
    banana republish fitted white undershirt
    Structure button-up dress shirt in an eggplant and black vertical stripe

    haha, i just forreal posted on y'all's asses.
  9. house loafers

    just woke up. holla
  10. Nothing cause im in bed
  11. boxer shorts
    t shit
  12. oh we forreallin?

    im in bed. black boxer-briefs and an old navy tshirt i woke up in
  13. YES we forreallin! did you even read OPs post?!
  14. i stopped wearing clothes to bed at all. so much better.
  15. seriously.
  16. that's gross to me.

    do you shower before bed? i couldn't imagine going into bed unshowered, naked! your beds must reek!

    also, i get cold
  17. formal suit. black socks. black dress shoes. blue pants. white tshirt. white shirt. blue tie. darkblue jacket.
  18. since i started, i split my normal relaxing shower into two short showers - once before bed and once when i wake up. i'm clean going in and clean coming out. i still wash my sheets and pillowcases religiously every weekend like i had done before.
  19. What disord3r said, plus, I have really warm blankets, so I never get cold/turn up your thermostat.
  20. i only sleep under a sheet because my apartment is usually 76-78. my comforter only get used when its really cold outside, because i dont bother to turn the heat on.
  21. boxer shortz
  22. What is a comforter is it a duvet?
  23. at the moment: black socks, black puma boxer(LOL) blue worn out g-star jeans, grey karl lagerfeld shirt, blue sweater by some italian brand, dunno which.
  24. whats wrong with puma boxer¿
  25. ipuma boxers

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