what you wearing

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Paul91785, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Addidas track pants, faux-leather jacket and White snickers

  2. uhh, yeah. you dont want the first time to be out in the field in a tense situation.
  3. Sounds delicous

    Zero bars are my fav
  4. Built-in style
  5. Mine too
  6. I now understand this post. Worst sunday ever
  7. should have told me earlier, i just sold a black canvas camp
    i have one in green velour, slightly worn if yr actually interested

    and say what you will about BBC, it looks sorta stupid and its definitely overpriced but see it and wear it IRL and you'll see that it looks awesome and is super f*ickin high quality

  8. super #$%#ing high quality? not really man. i used to have a bbc shirt, but after a couple of wash cycles the shirt started to fade. not something you would expect for that price.
  9. t shirt ? if so yeah well a cotton tshirt can only be so nice. i try to avoid washing mine for that reason, but i haven't had a problem yet
  10. pics of it?
  11. yeah t-shirt.
  12. some nikes, grey jeans, white tshirt, brown zip-through knitted jumper thing
  13. hah, i knew it.
  14. I want a Canada Goose jacket but #$%# they're expensive
  15. i swear every other person, if not 2/3 ppl here have them, and i have no idea how they afford them. I wanted one, but #$%# those prices.
  16. hundreds fitted
    house of commons t
    baseball sliding shorts
    smartwool socks
    huarache frees
  17. jogging pants and old-ass sweater; just washed my car.
  18. this was supposed to be a thread where we make fun of Element and Rollerblades and Quiksilver and Ed Hardy but geez
  19. real answer
    Nike SB High Premium "Shoe-Goo"
    acrylic fake wool socks i got at urban outfitters
    Diesel "Safado" jeans
    red Ralph Lauren t-shirt
    Supreme Hood Logo Thermal zip up in grey
    Oliver Peoples Emerson glasses
  20. you would get some hip as glasses - I'm in need of some new specs actually might have to UPGRAYYYYDE
  21. got a Living Social deal... $73 for optomologist appt and $200 voucher for glasses, so I ended up paying half price for $500 glasses
  22. Wearing glasses
    What are you stuck in last century

    Laser thst shit mann
  23. Who pays for 500 moneys for glasses? Unless their eyes are so bad they couldnt see the prices properly LOL
  24. RUDE
  25. i'll get laser eye surgery when it means getting laser eyes. until then...

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