what you wearing

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Paul91785, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. just call it a wifebeater we all know anyway
  2. Wife beaters are tight/fitted, tank tops are loose.
  3. I thought thats because the bloke is usually fat
  4. Mine are tight and im not a fat bloke
  5. wife beaters look better than those loose tank tops
    i erally dont like those, even tho they are #trending amongst the (stupid) youth
  6. Nothing.
  7. An enormous mound of pubic hair.
  8. #$%#ing lol
    Hope this is meant to be a continuation of rlqs post because
  9. I kindda like those!!
  10. Yes because you are both very trendy
  11. haha
    i bought like 5 ``loose fitting tank tops`` last summer
    can't wait to summertime so sunz out gunz out sang out hang out
  12. Bet you won't be wearing them next summer!
  13. im gonna be wearing my tight fitting Damon Stoudemire jersey with the old Raptors logo on it.
  14. siiiiiiick
    thats gonna look good with the velvet supreme camp
  15. Oh man damon stoudemire part of that raptors legacy
  16. I'm not hairy because I'm Asian.
  17. right now? bare naked
  18. ya
    did u hear
    raptors fans(1) were cheering for jeremy lin
    fing disgusting

    (1) more accurately, people attending a toronto/new york game in toronto
  19. is it the one with the actual dinosaur holding a basketball?
    if so thats cool i like it
  20. If you're not hairy because you're Asian then why are you hairy?
  21. so do you have pubes
  22. business shirt
  23. Look i found what alphonese wears on his feet
  24. Look i found what alphonese wears on his feet
  25. oh man those things all up on his feet

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