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  1. The trainers fordracing gave to me (but with orange laces instead of blue)
    black socks
    white armani briefs
    some blue nike sports trouser things

  2. black socks, blue boxers, black jack & jones jeans, black v-neck t-shirt, grey hugo boss blazer
  3. lol blazer

    what are you dutchies like eh
  4. British people really shouldn't be judging other people when it comes to clothing.
  5. lol seriously
  6. classic Reeboks
    or knackered Converse
    or tracky bottoms tucked in socks
  7. Pantera T shirt and nothing else.
  8. But seriously I dress pretty comfortable and unprofessional. But I really don't care To be honest.

    Usually dickies shorts and a t shirt is what you will see me in 80% of the time. even in the winter.

  9. Mate you are from BELGIUM lol

    London, along with Paris, Milan and New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world.
  10. London prolly number 1 tbh
  11. London just got a Supremeemejdk i love penis
  12. Ill let you figure that one out
  13. Since when is there something wrong with Belgium? Every big city has designers, that doesn't mean the population of the country dresses good.
  14. dark blue pinstripe suit
    black shoes
    grey shirt

    i should get changed
  15. Belgium is practically Germany, and we all know what their dress sense is like
  16. skinny blue jeans and a turquoise tee from h&m
  17. Blue and turquoise? plain turquoise?
  18. a very pale turquoise

    why is that some sort of gay colour combo that im not aware of or something?
  19. well it depends how close they are, but you'd run the risk of it clashing and looking odd like wearing pink and red together. at least that's how I see it
  20. nah dont think so
  21. Belgium is next to Germany but the people aren't much alike. Not to mention it seems you've never been to Germany.
  22. i know quite a lot of germans, most of them are dorks
  23. thus not belgian
    belgians are pretty awesome
  24. *dendermonde bloodline #$%# yeah*

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