what you wearing

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  1. black socks
    grey faded/ripped skinny jeans from Zara
    some plaid green on dark blue plaid button-up. but its like, micro-plaid or something
  2. pretty skinny olive drab (#$%# yeah tumblr) pants
    grey v neck t shirt

    these pants are so comfy
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  4. look pretty similar to the nudies i have
    prolly cheaper too ;_;
  5. but nudies are nudies
  6. black socks
    light tan pants
    plain black t-shirt

    soon plain black shoes and gray/brown jacket
    i'm just blending in today
  7. you think I'm wearing a shirt right now?
  9. 10am Tuesday morning, Winter.

    Yes, I do believe you are wearing a shirt right just now.
  10. incorrect.
  11. Pics aren't loading...
  12. Tie dye t shirt with SCARY MONSTERS on it
    Jeans and nike sb high
  13. Tie dye t shirt with NICE SPRITES on it

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