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  1. Why do some people say take that rear wing off:~. The people who should take their rear wing off is people who own civics with huge 2 foot wings on their car when it doesn't need it. This oviously does.<!-- Signature -->
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    i'm with you man! All of those shit civics don't need wings!!!

    Honda Civic

    0-60 20 sec
    1/4 mile 60 sec
    Top speed 100 mph
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    You two are idiots.
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    I depends...some wings, depending on the way they are placed, may help the car, though I dont totally agree...Ive heard it a lot from people, they need to aerodynamically test it ! It might be true(but remember it needs to be placed at a different angle than rear wheel drive cars!

    Plus Buick GNX rules and here is the site it is on for supercars.net


    (its under a different name)

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