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  1. why in the hell did my thread get deleted? it wasnt really even racist, it was more of a rant!
  2. what thread?
  3. it was telling this story and the thread was called "black people"

    there was a mob of 10 of them, neither me, nor my friend saw them untill they were right in front of us. a mob of no less then 10 people randomly in the street.
    they nearly soiled themselves as i slammed to a stop just a foot away from a couple of them
    i guess it wouldnt be a problem seeing as their pants were already at their ankles

    that all happened tonight. sure i left out the part where they gave me a thumbs up, but comon
  4. it could have been tan white people too, shit
  5. racist.
  7. That thread never existed atomic.

    You've been daydreaming again.
  8. pisses me off too cause i hate racism... if you judge someone by their actions thats fine, but judging someone by race alone boils my blood

    i judged ^ those guys by them having their pants at their ankles and walking down a busy street

    i know white people who'd do this too, but theyre generally easier to see
  9. it was the chernobyl then
  10. "He's losing his mind! And I'm reaping all the benefits!"
  11. You're acknowleding that their skin is a different colour and therefore you are a racist.
  13. #$%# you, you #$%#ing racist pig.
  14. i should go all colbert on your asses
  15. Answer me this. Would you have sex with a black woman?
  16. Man I hate when groups of niggers stand in the middle of the street. My car says redneck on it though so they know what'll happen if they dont move.
  17. i do not see race, only people
  18. "Why was my thread deleted?" threads are always the worst. Like what do you honestly expect to happen? Quitcher #%[email protected]'.
  19. If racism pisses you off, then you would have chosen a better thread title than "black people". I don't know what their skin type has anything to do with your story. Unless it does, asshole.
  20. see admins? THIS* would be racist

    what i said was just history
  21. the thread title was the start of the sentance

    "black people... stop coming out in front of my car at night, i cant see you"

    ^ was the first post
  22. I agree. Black people shouldn't walk at night, especially with dark clothing. Once I was driving, and this black person was walking across the street, so I yelled to him that the only thing I can see were his teeth.
  23. A liar and a racist <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  24. i spotted these guys by the flashy shoes, had they been black shoes, id have me a new hood ornament
  25. thats why they wear bling. Its safety dammit!

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