Whatre your goals for the new year?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Make more money and raise my body count above one.
  2. im having enough trouble keeping up with my one body. i dont need another.
  3. Dunedin, I think?
  4. Take your bagpipes.
  5. !!!

    What did you give to the hippo?

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    It's so satisfying to watch hippos eat

  7. Actually scratch that, my resolution is to actually use my vacation this year. I'm losing over 100 hours of vacation this year, and I'm not gonna do that again
  8. wont they cut you a check for that
  9. unlikely
  10. pretty committed to incremental improvement in every area of my life

    take more time off

    been working my ass off this year on my company so would like to see the dividends of that pay off and then use that momentum to double the user count I currently have while actually working less.

    keep up with the healthy living , been working out 3 times a week + , for the last 2 years and have got pretty fit but would like to keep improving there and while I eat healthy and almost 100% from scratch would like to prepare even better healthier meals.

    get my golf game to scratch .... been sitting at a 6 too long

  11. No. I've gotten exemptions in the past but it doesn't look like I'm getting one this year. I don't mind not using all my vacation each year so long as I can hold onto it to eventually take, or cash out when I leave. Losing over 20 hours of PTO as well
  12. I'd like to redo my home office

    its ergonomy is about at 4% right now. I need a better desk and work from monitor, with proper keyboard height.
  13. Do they let you carry any over into the next year? I'm carrying over 6 or 7 days this year. Extra paid holiday! woo!
  14. Only 40 can carry over, and I earn 120 hours every year. The last couple years they've let me carry over more than that, but I don't think I can get away with it this time. If so, then I'll probably be taking off for Thanksgiving next year and not coming back til January.
  15. Kinda hate setting 'yearly' goals, but as I get ready to fly back to Vancouver this afternoon for another 3 months, I want to look for a new job when I get back that won't have such long stints overseas. It's fun and the work can be great at times, but such long hauls away from home where all I do is work and sleep ain't that much fun, especially missing out on yet another summer, not to mention the four really good friend's weddings I'm missing out on this summer.
  16. Also wanna get back into brewing beer and just doing more things with my hands.
  17. I think having a general new years "theme" rather than hard set resolutions is the way to go
  18. For me it comes down to typically having 2-4 weeks off work at this time every year, and having time off work makes you reflect, which brings on ideas for change.
  19. I need to ease up on my painkiller tablets consumption.

    I want to be more outgoing.

    I should probably travel or something. I like the northern states of Merika.
  20. Some shoots and reeds
  21. What kind of painkillers?
  22. The ones with codeine in them.
  23. Continue to save money for buying a house or a bigger flat, also purchase more watches, more fountain pens, get my two mountain bikes finished, stay in good health.
  24. I wish you every success in achieving your goals this year Hemi
  25. Thank you Pinin, I wish you the same as well

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