whats a chaparral?

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  1. any info,pics,history...
  2. Historic American sports racing car maker. The marque is well known for its high adjustable wing among other accomplishments.
  3. Jim Hall founded Chaparral in Midland Texas & started building racecars in the early 60's. He hit his stride w/ the Can-Am series and is credited with many aerodynamic breakthroughs in racecar engineering, including the now-standard rear wing.

    1st pic is Jim w/ a Chaparral II in 1964.

    2nd is a Chaparral 2E at Bridgehampton in 1966.

    3rd is a Chaparral 2G at Bridgehampton in 1967.

    4th is a pair of Chaparrals at Goodwood not long ago.

  4. This shouldn't be in Euro, at all.
  5. I was thinking that too but he didn't know.

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