What's a funnycar?

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    LAME!!!<!-- Signature -->
  2. I've heard about funnycars and their rediculus drag racing habits. They use very high octane fuel. The 800+ hp I6 cars use race fuel awell, but the 1000+hp I6 cars use much higher octane. So when is it just another funny car? I consider anything that needs over 93 octane pump gas a funny car, what do you guys think?<!-- Signature -->
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    I think that a funny car is a purpose built drag race car running off alcohol, or some other ultra high octane gas, that cant be driven on the street.
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    Listen, funny cars are called funny cars because they run off of
    laughing gas<IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    HAH! good one 94, very lame and predictable but good none the less, why is this topic in here anyway?
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    Its here because people put the dumbest post in the dumbest places. Yeah .... I think you should all be shunned except the guy who posted before me because he actually has average or better then average IQ. Oh great ,now they want to know what IQ means.<!-- Signature -->
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    Funny cars do run off of laughing gas.<!-- Signature -->
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    no one have ansvered him so iheres my opinion, its a drag racing class...
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    a funnycar is normally a really fast dragster in a normal car shell ( i heard they run off laughing gas but i am not sure but it is probably true) the world record 1/4 mile time in one is 4.7
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    I don't think anyone in any class has broken the 5 second barrier. I know that The Green Machine (can't remember the drivers name at the moment) in australia has come close and also has the world record
    for the highest speed, which is about 300mph i think, don't quote on that.
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    Funny cars are tube framed race cars made specifically for drag racing. They have carbonfiber or fiberglass bodies that resemble showroom stock cars. Funny cars are used in drag race classes from super comp to nitro funny cars. The nitro-burning funny cars run 4.7s at over 300 mph (310-320?) in the quarter mile.
    The name funny car has nothing to do with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), it's just because the first funny cars were funny looking, altered-wheelbase cars in the 1960s. Imagine a 1963 Chevy II (or any other 60s american car) that's got the front wheels moved forward 20 inches and the rear wheels moved forward 30 inches. It definitely looks funny. The reason for moving the wheels forward was to get more weight over the rear wheels.
    Today, the fastest drgasters run the quarter mile in 4.5 seconds (world record is 4.4-something) at speeds of over 330 mph. They use roots-blown (supercharged) 8.2-liter V8-engines, which are based on the Chrysler HEMI engine from the 50s. Running on 90% nitromethane fuel, these engines make over 7000 hp. Due to the slow burning rate of nitromethane, these engines only rev to about 8000 rpm. The fuel continues to burn in the exhaust manifolds, which is why those engines are so loud.
    P.S. This text was not copy-pasted. I wrote it myself. I'm so proud of myself ;-)
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    Funny cars are drag cars that have fiberclass bodys the cars run a 8litre engine with a supercharger when at full power they put out up to 100psi
    SPEC:6000hp at wheels,fuel tank 80litres used up in one run.Best ET 4.7 quater mile run,they run on nitromethan ,When they hit the finishing line at the end there doing about 450kmh+ in that small time.
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    that was a good post. one error though. nitromethane does not burn slow. the reason why there are flames that exit the car is because it can't burn the fuel fast enough!nitromethane actually yields less energy per volume than gasoline but is used because an engine can burn more of it faster (a great deal faster). this is the same case with methanol in f1 cars (except methanol can withstand high compression making it ideal for the high compression run in f1). nitromethane however is explosive chemically and degrades metal in the process. basically all the parts in a top fuel dragster or funny car are rebuilt after a race. it is not laughing gas (N20). nitrous oxide is not combustible by nature, but merely contains a higher concentration of oxygen than is present in our atmosphere. a funny car cna down more than 30 gallons of nitromethane in a minute. (nitromethane costs about $30 per gallon). these cars genenrally use a derivative of the Hemi engine and have displacement around 10 litres. funny cars are basically top fuel dragsters but with a fibreglass or carbon fibre shell that resembles a car. they have superchargers (turbochargers for nitro cars were made illegal) that run a lot of boost.

    0-60's for these cars range about 0.8 and their quarter miles are in the 4 second range and trap speeds exceed 300 mph.

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    They had a jet car that got into the 3's in the 1/4... Forgot what its called...
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    actually the flames coming out the sides (the white flames) is oxygen in the air buring. there was a dragster facts page with tons of cool info.
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    u really area dumba$$, laughing gas (N20) isnt evn flammable, its the extra oxygen in it that gives it its hp increasing qualities, its impossible to run an engine purely on laughing gas
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    the thing wouldn't go anywhere if it ran only on N20.
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    GAY!!.. neways.. funnycars r possibly called "funny"cars because the people that make them screw up the shittiest cars.. and then they can beat any ferrari known 2 man
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    Your Close with you theory but the run 580 ci engines what this talk about litre. And the best ET 4.441 and they usally run aound 300 mpa when you talk drag racing you use imperial not metric

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