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  2. On-road vs off-road is all about your tire choice. Buy a bike with the rim width to support the sort of tires you'd want to use offroad (I wouldn't trust anything less than 2") and you're golden. The rest is just preference. You don't REALLY need suspension for going off-road. You don't REALLY need disc brakes for going off-road. You don't really need 20 or 30 ratios for going off-road. Etc. So if you're looking for a bike to be mainly a commuter, find the one that suits your needs and make sure you can put a wider wheel/tire combination if necessary.

    If you don't intend to do much on- and off-road riding in a single commute, I'd highly recommend building up a second wheelset so you have an on-road set and an off-road set. There are some potential hang-ups with this approach, but a three-minute wheel swap is a great thing. You get the benefits of having a tire suited to a riding condition, and not one that's just sorta ok at pavement riding and one that's sorta ok at dirt riding. Plus you're not having to muscle tires off the wheel when you want to switch them. The main things to be aware of here are having a matching cassette for the new rear wheel, and if you're using cantilevered brakes then the rim widths should be similar so that you don't have to adjust your brakes every time you want to switch.
  3. I was really close to buying a Rose road bike today. Probably just postponed till tomorrow. I want one, now. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Im going to have my old bike for offroad and the new one solely for road.
  4. Get a sweet Mongoose with Dual Shox
  5. I'd recommend getting a cross bike and some road tires to swap on for commuting.
  6. for me anything custom made and using reynolds high grade steel tubing
  7. I'm thinking about buying an AM mountain bike around October. Any suggestions?
  8. trek cobia, cannondale trail sl2, spec rockhopper pro, giant talon, kona kahuna, things like that. i know you said youre after all mountain and these are probably more cross country, but i think any of these would do fine for technical singletrack or social riding or even light racing. they're all in the same price range, 29er hardtails with hydraulic discs and reasonable groupsets that you can upgrade later as things wear out.
  9. damn wish you could buy my bike, I need to get rid of this steel beast, I don't do DH anymore so it's a fUcking pain to ride on the flat bike trails.

    it's like this, except with stock DJ1s and setlaz seat, oh and mine doesn't have a chain guide.

  10. How much money you got? If you have some decent $$, look into Santa Cruz bikes, they make AWESOME frames, and probably cheaper than a fully loaded Cannondale
  11. Because steel is light and stronger than carbon fibre.
  12. THIS ONE!!
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  14. This is a good idea. However I'm surprised to still see top-end bikes without disc brakes. Is there a reason for this?
  15. This is a good idea. However I'm surprised to still see top-end bikes without disc brakes. Is there a reason for this?
  16. The fact that you don't think brown leather sandals are awesome just made me lose even MORE respect for you, if even I had any.

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    You don't need disk brakes on a bike.
  20. Whats a crosstrain lol
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