What's a good Christmas present for a girlfriend?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Hoboman, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. lol u r funny guy
  2. diamon errings
    coach bags
    my gf has expensive tastes but shes the best
  5. Plus if you buy her those things she may actually let you hold her hand.
  6. haha i no rite? those 2 ct earings betta get me something!
  7. got my girlfriend a zune4 with an engraving on the back from zune originals thats a picture that i know she will like. then a message thats kind of an inside joke.
  8. not my type of girl.
  9. liquor? thats all im giving to anyone this christmas. booze.
  10. I don't mind it. I have the money, and she's worth making happy, expensive or not
  11. realpresentsarehandmade
  12. get her a ring, tats wat i did wit my gf and trust me, it was worth it.
  13. get her what she needs, a man

  14. I'm buying some scented candles and some bath crap from the body shop for all the girls I know. Always wins.
  15. What worries me the most about my gf is that it has real potential to be more than a relationship. And with that you start looking at your career, which mine is going good, but we both live relatively higher lifestyles, and i worry that i wont make the money i want, as young as i want, so that we can live a fun life before we have kids.
  16. That, and I know shes going to want like a 10k rock as an engagement ring. do they do payments on those things? or do you have to pay all of it up front.
  18. pics
  19. Yes, you can finance an engagement ring. Douchebag.
  20. i can't respond here, but msg me on msn and i'll give you some ideas
  21. ha no. knowing my luck ill leave this site on my laptop and shell use it and see it, see this thread, see her picture, see you guys either flaming it or hitting on it, then shell dump me.
  22. If you're serious about settling down and starting a family with a chick, you'd be well advised to focus on things like "saving up", "paying off debt", and "living responsibly" instead of "living a fun life" before you have kids.
  23. If you have to ask that question you can't afford the ring.

    Ya know what I mean?
  24. Real healthy relationship, that one.
  25. i no rite

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