What's a Rotary Engine????

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  1. What's a Rotary Engine????
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    an engine with rotors
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    whoa...really...fancy that...it has Rotars...?
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    a rotary engine is a motor using rotars instead of piston. it is kinda hard to explain with out using any sort of visual aids so.... this should help out alot http://ww3.foxinternet.net/genen/
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    Reliability is a problem although the car is pretty much nice itself
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    The 'old' rotary engine had reliability problems because of its TwinTurbo setup. During initial R&D when the car was new, they had to dial back on the turbos a LOT to keep the engine from blowing. And MAN did they blow a lot of motors.

    That's probably happening again with the RX-8's powerplant. It's a new type of rotary engine, and they may be having the same problems. Why else would they neglect putting turbos on it.

    And don't give me that 'efficiency' rhetoric. That's a lie and you all know it. Turbos make a car MORE efficient, but make it consume a little more fuel. The RX-8 is meant to replace the beloved RX-7 sports car, and turbos would do the trick.
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    In no way will the Rx-8 replace the Rx-7
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    You have got to be kidding if you don't know what a rotary engine is! I agree that it had reliability problems because of the twin turbo setup, but look at the engine before twin turbo's. It was crisp and sweet. Check it out!
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    viper motor makes what, up to 500hp? a 13B rotary motor can make the same power easily, and weighs FIVE times less.

    So you could put five 13B's in a viper, it'd weigh the same, and it'd go 400mph
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    I apologize if I'm wrong, but isn't "efficiency" talking about how much fuel is consumed for traveling a set distance/time? I guess that would usually be called "fuel efficiency," but what else is the term used for?
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    True but it wouldn't fit, it would be too small it fit in the Viper's engine bay
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    Anyone who thought that the RX-8 will be the next generation rotary sports car of Mazda replacing the legendary RX-7, forget about it. They are TOTALLY different, and there is a clear reason why RX-8 is not the next version of the RX-7.

    The concept of RX-8 is a sports car that can load 4 male adults. It is designed to give comfort and reliability, not to give performance of a pure rotary rocket. You can easily find that RX-7 had two generations before the 3rd version. If the RX-8 is truly the next version of RX-7, there is no reason for Mazda to do so; they could simply make it the 4th generation RX-7.

    The purpose of RX-8 is to make the rotary engine more common to the public, and at the same time, to notice the public about Mazda's new rotary engine, RENESIS. RX-8 was never a true successor of the RX-7 even during the design process. I don't think RX-8 will ever have a Mazda stock turbo kit.

    But we could probably wait: Although it is an unofficial news, Mazda already revealed a plan to release the 4th generation RX-7 at the near future. (hopefully the year 2005) Japanese otaku(an expert fan) groups had already got a silouette of the new RX-7's mechanism; it will be a twin turbo RENESIS. (There was a rumor that a 3-rotor RENESIS will be placed on the engine room of 4th gen RX-7. But that's not true. Mazda revealed that due to the new mechanism of the RENESIS engine, it is impossible to add an extra rotor)

    So cool down and wait; the Legendary Rotary Rocket RX-7 will return in the new form of 4th generation, hopefully a twin turbo.
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    all right a viper engine makes about 1500hp with the right mods
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    Hey alexb29, turbos actually DO make cars less efficient. Yes they allow the car to produce more power, but they create backpressure in the exhaust that detracts from efficiency. Additionally, turbocharged cars generally need lower compression ratios to prevent knock, which lowers the efficiency.
    And in the case of sports cars, turbos don’t improve efficiency because the cars are geared for best acceleration/top speed, not to run the engine at its highest possible load, which is where large turbo diesels gain their efficiency from.
    So next time before you make a post with no proof for your reasoning, at least know what you are talking about.
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    And as for turbocharging the RX-8, there was no need to. With the same displacement, the Renesis (the new rotory engine in the RX-8) has an output of ~ 250hp normally asperated. That was good enough with the people at Mazda, and considering the improvement in reliability of the new enigne, I praise the engineers for not trying to mess with a good thing.
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    Just a question, at rx7shop.net they sell racing rotary engines for the 1993+ FD3S, would they still be kind of unreliable and break down alot. and P.S. the RX-8 only has 180hp.

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