What's a Rotary Engine????

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  1. What's a Rotary Engine????
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    its where there is one large 'piston' that goes round in circles, hard to explain.
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    Look here:


    Intersting fact - the Rx7 only displaces 1300cc, but because power is produced every cycle (4 strokes pistons are only ever 2nd cycle) it is equivalent to a 2600cc engine
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    ill try to sum it up in as few words as possible. You see, there is a big thing called a rotar (that is shaped like a rounded off triangle) that spins inside the rotar housing (call it whatever you like) and as this "triangle" spins, or rotates rather, because it doesnt just spin it kind of rolls to a point around the housing. And as it rotates, this triangle closes off certain spots on the inside of the housing, where everything that happens in a piston engine happens, in the rotar housing, just in different sections, get it? very confusing to explain, but it makes sense to me
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    itz a very efficient engine i heard. crazy how it works!
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    Yeap, but too bad it hasn't been developped as thoroughly as the piston has. It's still kind of unrealiable(I have a friend who owns 3 rx-7, and all of them burned their engines) and not so fuel efficient. Let's hope that the new renesis engine of the rx-8, if not fixed those problems, has decreased the gravity of those issues.
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    If more companies had focused on this engine type more, it can very well be the most efficient engine there is. Mazda's 787B was the first and only and last rotary Le Man's car to win the endurance race. The engine type was banned for stupid reasons. Basically it was too good to compete. Know anyone else who can make a bone stock car that can go 155 MPH on just a 1.3 Liter engine?
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    Thats true, wankles invention was never fully developed, and its unfourtunate because of the amazing power potential. I read somewhere that if you drive agressively your looking at an engine replacement at 30000. Any truth to this?
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    I've heard it's more like 80,000, but don't quote me on that, I also suppose it depends who's drivin' it.

    Anyways, it's my understanding that the major reason that the rotary engine needs to be replaces is because of the friction caused between the rotar and the "housing" as you called it (tell me if I'm wrong), does this mean that when replacement time comes, you'd need only to replace the housing and the rotary? Also, if so, then do you think that they could make the stuff out of different materials (I'm sure if so that they're working on it right now) so as to decrease corosion?
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    Re: What's a Rotary Engine????

    simple explaination:
    As a rotor goes round inside a housing, it performs all four strokes intake/compression/expansion/exhaust in one rotation.
    Meaning it makes twice the power strokes per revolution. So its twice the power/torque of an equivelent piston engine with much less size weight and moving parts.

    Mazda did some lazy engineering which is why their wankels had bad economy and emissions. Re engineered motors like http://www.freedom-motors.com are far more superior and efficient than ever before.
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    Opel Eco-Speedster: 1.3 litre diesel, top speed 155 mph. :)
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    it is like humm how would i put dis. okie a triangular rotor dat spins in a housing and does everything dat normal pistons do.
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    Its what I think is the most efficient and one of the most powerful engines on the world. Whoever invented is a genius. Problem is is that no one knows how to work on them or just doesn't want to. Most efficient way of burning fuel. Thats what makes the RX-7's so unique is that there one of the very few in the world to be powered by a rotary engine. There so small too you don't need them to be very big. Imagine a 5.0 liter rotary a sleeper a that.
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    really, how's the acceration?
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    Ha, the ol Opel Speedster. The acceleration blows. Autoweek had it at like 0-60 in 9.4 seconds. 155 mph sure sounds good for a 1.3L diesel, but then you wonder how long it takes it get to that speed.
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    hmmm I have a question.. does anyone know why the rotor is triagular? What would happen if they made a square or pentagonal rotor, but inside a larger housing with say 2 intakes and 2 exhaust ports? Would this be possible and would it speed up the process of the intake/compression/combustion/exhaust cycle?
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    any answers?!
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    a man named Suttin wankel made the first rotary combustion engine. It is a small oval shaped rotar that spins in a housing. it works the same way pistons do but there is only on of them in a car and is less efficiant then pistons so who ever says that its efficiant is gay and stupid
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    What is the max horse power you can get out of an rx7??

    back up what you say give me hard evidence.

    i am looking to build my own race car and i read a lot about the wankel engine but nobody seems to know what the horsepower range is on these things.

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    i don't know much about Rotary Engines but they make Mazda good...

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