whats better, NASCAR or V8 Supercars???????

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 16, 2002.

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    Nascars has nothing to do with the road cars

    Its a space frfame with a v8 engine

    its ok but those ovals get damn boring

    V8 supercars is better
    but theres noone to hate

    no cheating Skylines or Sierras (now that was a real Ford, yeah right)

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    No one was knocking your C5-R Corvette, but like you said NASCARs aren't made to go around non-oval racetracks. A V8 Supercar would blitz it.
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    Nascar cars could take your v8 supercars on any track. If they can take Watklins Glen and Infenion they can take any track. So people who say that Nascar cars cant drive on road coures are incredibly stupid and uneducated
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    pffffft, even in Gran Turismo 3, under the Tickford V8 Supercar, it says thats its better than NASCARs.

    And HELL NO, they would definatley not beat a V8 Supercar on Mt Panorama, Bathurst.

    Those tracks you said are NOTHIN compared to bathurst!!!!!!!!!!
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    There is no way a nascar could beat a v8supercar around bathurst
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    Ok growing up as a midwestern kid I spent many years around Pushrod V-8's most my dad's 86 Chevy One ton with a stock 4 barrel 454. But I'd have to say the by far Super V-8 racing is much more exciting. It still bores my wife to tears but she can't even stand teh thought of watching NASCAR. Oh and as far as NASCAR not doing just circles they have what 2-3 track that aren't anything but. V-8 are doing so narlly courses. Oh and the C-5R GTS class. Last time I checked they were running Monte Carlos in NASCAR not C-5 Vettes. But maybe I'm worng. Any who... NASCAR blows and is boring to watch. V-8 supercars is by far superior to NASCAR.
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    Re: whats better, NASCAR or V8 Supercars???????

    NASCAR and V8 Supercars are soo different its not funny. They are both calibrated to perform a certain task in the best way possible. If V8 Supercars raced on an oval track, then their setup would be one that would benefit that style of racing. As for those who say that the only reason why nascars dont run 750-800 hp every race is due to nascar rules. This is the same reason V8 Supercars run about 620-650 hp. V8 Supercar rules limit what parts they can use. And thanks to project blueprint (cough* cough*) next season most of the cars will be identical so FORD can catch up to the almighty HOLDEN!!!

    V8 Supercars are more street orientated than NASCARS because that is their style of racing.

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    04 GTO another peace of shit for american cars and #$%# nascar
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    Of course they can drive on road courses, its just that V8 Supercars are QUICKER!!!
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    V8 Supercar is way better, we have good drivers probally better than Nascar drivers. Our cars beare some resembolense to the real car aswell. And we race on some great tracks Mt Panaroma, Albert Park etc etc.
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    V8 supercars.

    The V8 supercars are getting laptimes equivelent to motogp and superbikes. around the tracks.

    Some tracks they are slightly faster some they are slightly slower.

    The only thing that is similar to a road car is the shell though.

    They have numerous restrictions to keep the competition close.

    I dont think I've seen a race without a crash.

    They always driving around twisty tracks litrallly centimeters from eachother.

    which is harder then driving close to someone around in circles.

    I have no idea about how quick nascar's are. But that is how quick V8 supercars here are.

    They are even limited to the amount of tyres they have for a weekend/season/whatever.
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    Avesco is the best, commodores, falcons and such. Mark Skaife is the man!! I like V8 Supercars more but i am sti.ll a huge nascar fan.
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    ummm...Nascar cars have 800+ horsepower now.
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    seriously, they're totally different types of racing... ones around an oval and ones around twisty tracks.

    OK, a race with more than 2 turns will see the V8 Supercar win, on an oval a Nascar would win. The end.

    BTW, the new BA Falcon V8 Supercar looks #$%#in sweet, and i sure hope that HRT don't dominate the season.. AGAIN
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    I have heard some pretty pointless arguments on this site but this takes the cake. Yeah so they are V8 rear drive, that is where the similarity ends, it is two completely different styles of racing that require two completely different setup cars eg aerodynamics one small bootlip on the NASCAR one complete aero package on the V8, rollcages if you can find some photos look at the difference between the two it is amazing how different they are. You can compare these cars like you can compare WRC and F1. One is not better than the other they have different requirements and it is the pinncale in their area of the sport. V8 supercars are the pinnacle in ozzie touring cars and NASCAR is in amercian Oval racing. But sorry i forgot simply because NASCAR is american it is better than any other series. If those who had posted on this thread saying "NASCAR is better" did some research and perhaps watched a V8 supercar race they would appreciate it for what it is. Personally i don't like oval racing however i am impressed with NASCARS as the level of prep and the ability of the cars is amazing for such agricultural machinery(i mean that in the nicest possible way no efi, data logging, digital gauges and carbs used). I mean what are you guys motor sport fans or tossers who only like one type of racing?? Dale Earnhardt is a legend no doubting that but they have been some amazing drivers at Bathurst and in aussie touring cars aswell (you just wouldn't have heard of them on EPSN)
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    roi3n - i agree with u on that, xcept ur example of F1 vs WRC is a bit whacked...certinly they r different, but when ur talking about V8 S/C vs NASCAR...and trying to make a comparison to F1 vs WRC, its a bit too far...maybe F1 vs Indy/IRL is better...

    anyway...bighead, or whatever ur name is...u hava no idea how hard a V8 supercar accelerates...in a straight line they would probably give a nascar hell in a 400m drag...and to think that nascars dont even start the races from a standing start...what is it with u americans and a rolling start?? - thats where the V8's get their power down so quick...they need it so they can get a good position turning into the 1st corner...thats rite....corner, not bank as 4 u americans!

    im an aussie, and have seen many V8 supercar races...i have seen the NASCAR on TV sometimes, and it looks like its as boring as watching paint dry!...just round and round and round and round..........

    V8 Supercars rule (especially Ford)
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    v8 supercars will rip them any where any time.nascars are lame the go aroungd in circles
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    XR6Turbo, On the WRC and F1, yeah ya right mate F1 vs CART/IRL much better, looks like too much of certains peoples stupidity on this thread has been rubbing off on me.
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    You do realize that comparing the two is kind of hard. The only place you realy can is on road courses, because both series run on them. I wouldn't really call NASCAR's road courses such because of the changes made by the Winston Cup people to the courses. Watkins glen has been hacked and chambered so much, its a fraction of even its late F1 configuration. Sears point is alright, its just not a good example of a purpose built road course. The Nascar's also do not run the same chassis for ovals as for the road courses, they actually use a SCCA Trans Am-like chassis for the suspension geometry and weight distribution. And lets not forget about the drivers, which should be the litmus test of any series. NASCAR team hire other pro drivers to run their cars on road courses, an event most in NASCAR feel is subpar to the rest of the season, but yet a large chunk of the drivers don't feel safe/comfortable driving road courses.

    The Aussie SuperCars on the other hand, run a more diverse course schedule than NASCAR does(even with the ovals), on some of the more challenging courses in THE WORLD. Also the cars themselves are more controlled in chassis design and suspension than NASCAR road corse cars. And finally the drivers are on whole more talented and in better shape.

    I generalized and compared. Let the flames begin.

    Oh, BTW Nascar doesn't run in the rain.
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    V8 supercars must be the better of the lot.
    Consider this:
    In the US, all the NASCARs are based on uninspired bloated FWD V6s
    wit 250 bhp tops
    In the land of OZ
    Cars roam with 500 stock BHP
    and RWD
    whatta shame 4 the US
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    The comparison is not a stupid one, they are essentially the same thing. V8 race cars, semi-recognizable as production cars. V8 Supercars is what NASCAR should be, but instead they do ovals, which makes for some pretty ugly cars and boring races.

    Which would win in a race is a pointless question, but compairing the two series isnt.
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    "Do what I say, but don't what I do"

    You started your stpid post saying "I love how the people who post on this site know nothing. They presume they do, but they don't." but later and in the same post you say "Now I don't know anything about Austrailian supercars....." Explain that.
    I live in Uruguay (can I presume that u don't know where the hell is that?) and I do know what is NASCAR (ESPN, Fox Sports America) and I do watch V8 Supercar (America Sports, TyC Sports), and i can tell you that a V8 SC race is 10 times more entertaining than boring NASCAR, the only entertaing moment in Nascar is when a car is being smashed against the wall, or crashed by other.

    "But I would like to see your austrialian budy's control cars that fast inches away from each other. Its not as easy as you think. If you don't brake at the right time, give it gas and the right time, or turn at the exact right time. You'll be smashing into one of the cars next to you. I'd like to see you guys do that." So you think that racing on a non-oval track at almost the same (or near) speed that NASCAR do ain't risky, or difficult. That's one of the dumbest statements I ever heard.

    And for you BIGHEAD: "I want to see an aussie V8 car do 200 mph with a restrictor plate and still have amazing accelerationas a nascar car does". The other day, watching a V8 SC race, I realized that the Holden with the in car camera was doing 298 km/h, and that's pretty near 200 mph (with a corner aproaching, and decelerating to 70 km/h).... in a twisty track with guard-rails both sides of the track at less than 1 meter of distance. Corner is the key word. CORNER.
    Bighead but what's inside? air?

    More: V8 SC contenders are REAL cars, not near-stock-looking cars (like in Nascar).

    Let me give you an advice guys: remove your head from your A$$ before posting.

    P.S: I love the falcon painted black/silver with green lights.
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    also...i bet NASCARS didnt think of putting twin calipers on the front brake discs did they??! - Aussie ingenuity, u gotta love it...just look how they configured the 5.4 ltr for that BA range out of Cobra R spec parts!!!!
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    okay i really don't get this, NASCAR is boring watching cars go around in circles. has anyone that posted this actually BEEN to a nascar race? hmmm... you know i might say the same as your precious world cup soccer, i think its boring as hell if i watched it on tv, but live? its totally different, you smell the exhaust, tire smoke, everything is up close and personal, and nothing is like 43 cars with 720+ hp lighting up at the same time. now yes everybody is entitled to there own opinion, but i'll say this, when i was stationed in germany i went to an F1 race at Hockingham, and to tell you the truth i hated it, but give me 43 american cars on a half mile oval at bristol on a hot august sat night, you can't get much better thanb that. my opinion of course.

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