whats better, NASCAR or V8 Supercars???????

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 16, 2002.

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    You obviously haven't read the beginning of this thread.

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    I don't think people are trying to say Cup drivers have no skill.

    I think all they're trying to say is that Nascar is deadshit boring to watch.
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    You know nothing.

    The Michelin race of champions pits the best drivers on earth against each other in all sorts of weird machinery. The last US team was made up of Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon (both of whom are NASCAR drivers, and Colin Edwards, a damn good superbiker.

    The US team came in FIRST against 8 other teams from places like France, Italy, Finland, etc. This is on a course that is only 35% pavement, the rest is dirt, and it is in rally type machinery, totaly different in almost everyway from a NASCAR car. they proved their bility not only to rock out in different types of cars, but also to adapt quickly to totaly different rides. They are as skilled as any group of drivers on this earth.

    Technicly, NASCAR is everybit as impressive the car you mentioned. They make 7-8 hundred hp out of a 5.7L using CARBS. They dont even get FI and they make 7-8 hundred in a car that revs to 9K rpm and beyond. NASACR cars were hitting over 220 mph years ago. They have to put massive restrictions on the cars just to keep it safe now.
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    realy these competitions are different like he said, the V8 supercars have high technical levels, like the nascars but one goes around in the cuircle the other does a track, personaly the only reason i would ever go to see a NASCAR race is for the crashes but thats me...

    In the V8 supercars they all have the same twin wish bone suspension, but they develope it them selves. And the cars go around corners mm's apart a lot less than an inche, but if you try to compare skill levels they are so apart, driving in cuircles takes, skill to do that and the correct fitness, and the V8's requires the skill to do that do, but each or on different ends on the skale.

    personaly i like Grand turing races with real good fast cars from all around the earth, not including suped up monaros.

    Sepo (Yank) tell what series you have that are similar to the V8 supercars.
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    there isnt a series anywhere that is similar to the v8supercars, they are the most competitive, fastest, and advanced touring car series in the world by a long way
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    I am an Australian and I vote NASCARs is better. The reason why is the racing is much much closer. Has any Australians actually sat down and watched a race? In V8Supercars the leader will normally pull away but the race can be won and loss in the pits. But in NASCARS the racing is very exciting, watch a Bristol race or did you watch the Darlington race this year where Ricky Craven and Kurt Busch finished side by side with Ricky winning by an inch or so! Even though NASCARS race in circles, it is much closer and exciting especially at Daytona where the draft is important. I say actually sit down and watch a race before you judge NASCARs.

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    Also you cant compare V8Supercars with NASCARs. Its like Comparing CART with IRL. They are both different. NASCARS produce around 750 bhp and V8Supercars produce around 650 bhp. NASCARs have 4 different engines for 4 different types of tracks; short track, speedway, superspeedway and roadcourse but V8Supercars only use 1 engine throughout the season unless they need a new one.
    Sure the times in practice and qualifying might be close for V8Supercars, seperating the top 20 within 1 second but do the top 20 stay within 1 second of each other in the race? Yes in NASCARs and No in V8Supercars. Much closer racing in NASCARs. Once the V8s get going youll be lucky to see a close battle for 50 odd laps. The only real battle is when they pit.
    So dont go comparing V8Supercars to NASCARs. I love my V8Supercars but personally I prefer NASCARs to watch. Both series will be tough to drive; NASCARs doing 400-500 miles going around in circles and V8Supercars doing 50-100 laps in 60 degrees C temperatures. Both are demanding on the drivers.
    If you put a V8Supercar and a NASCAR on an oval I would put my bets on a NASCAR. They are built for oval racing. They only turn left so all four tyres have negative camber. You put a NASCAR and V8Supercar on a roadcourse and I would put my bet on a V8Supercar. NASCARs have 4 gears whereas V8Supercars have 6. NASCARs only have 4 because they only need 4 gears for top speed. V8Supercars use 6 gears for acceleration in and out of the turn. NASCARs most likely (i think) stay in 4th gear all the way around the course where has V8Supercars do somewhat 100 or more gear changes in 1 race.
    So dont go asking which is better NASCARs or V8Supercars? They are both different in different ways. As I said, its like comparing CART to IRL.

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    there are racing championships, that can max 400kms an hour F1 goes faster. ralley is just as technical as F1, and hello america does not even hold a wrc ralley event, dont talk ralley.
    the best ralley drivers are from narway findland so forth dill.

    V8 supercars is not the fastest, most technical ill admit it, but its up there with the best.

    personally id perfer to see a GT-HO road race version vs a GTS monaro Vs farries Vs lambo's Vs porsche going around bathurst at 350km an hour
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    quote from nick riviera "You ever hear of a person by the name of Robby Gordon? Or Tony Stewart?"

    the answer is "no" and guys with two first names piss me off.
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    it is the most technical touring car series (f1 isnt touring car)
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    how fast can one of thos cars from le mans go like the bentley that won last year. in germany they would race enzos would they not, they are road cars
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    nascar is boring, I would rather watch sports cars any day!
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    im from australia, and i'd like to say that im a huge v8 supercar fan. but how can one compare NASCAR to V8 supercars. its a totally different style of racing, you are not comparing apples with apples. remembering that v8 supercars are merely modified australian sedans which can be bought for a little under AU $40000 or so (dont quote me on that one) and a NASCAR is a heavily modified pontiac or ford bred for racing, keep in mind that they are 2 different categories of racing.
    comparing the 2 for speed is stupid, because obviously a NASCAR is a lot faster than a V8 supercar, and anyone who disagrees with that, who r u kidding!
    v8 supercars generally race on technical racetracks which require a lot of skill in driving well. NASCAR is of corse very technical as well, driving around an oval as fast as possible indeed requires a lot of skill and concentration.
    the only way one can compare these 2 to see which is better is from a subjective point of view: its no use saying one's faster than the other. all you who ***** and say that NASCAR is boring need to see how much skill is actually required to drive a NASCAR.
    both V8 supercars and NASCAR hav their famous drivers: Dale Earnhardt (soz cant spell at 4:00 in the morning) from NASCAR and drivers like alan moffat from v8 supercars.
    anyways i'd best be off, just thought i'd have my 2 cents worth
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    xlr8tion, ive been saying that the whole time.
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    and whats this got to do with nascars and v8supercars?
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    Little E is a little *****...he has no Talent compared to his father....and besides NASCAR abolished the Pontiacs for the 04' season so no no to the GTO...otherwise...i can't wait to see this car in the USA again....now all they need is to bring the JUDGE edition back:D
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    Heh guys lets look at it this way. you say that nascars have restrictor plates on them to cut power. v8 supercars also have restrictions and could be putting out more HP, (they did in the past 16 years ago in the vl's) all cars way around 1350 kg whateva that is in pounds about 2970. They also aren't running 350's they have 308's. actually an amercan 5liter v8 with pushrods. They are not tubular frames and are based on road cars. After around 30km/h there is no production car in australia that can keep up with them. That includes all the ferraries and corvettes etc on our roads. including f50's and the likes. They can do up around 200mph around bathurst and if a tank nascar can keep up with one of these down the hills through bathurst i would be very surprised. i have seen video of nascars running around in australia and they were damn slow compared. I am also guessing that ur nascars are running off high octane fuels. ours run off shell optimax available at the bowser and only 98 octane. If you think australia needs to learn how to make cars take a look at the hrt 427. this car beat all the ferarri's and all the porches around on the track as well as some of the supercars brought over. also you all might want to watch this guy. JOSS supercars is a car made by a guy with ambition with a specially built original motor (in australia) and it will keep up with some of the worlds best and has only had $300000aud put into it to date. That is not much. The GTS coupe has 400 HP and will run 1/4 low 13's. If you guys can tell me that you can take any of americas favourite top selling family cars and use the same panels from production versions, and make a car as quick as a v8 supercar i would be very amazed. Or even make it into a two door car that keeps up with a monaro or GTS while still remainging reliable and efficient as the normal edition then please tell me.
    Thats all from me for now
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    You're an idiot.
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    I have seen australias version of "nascar." It is nothing like americas. Nascar has restrictor plates, and you say AVESCO has restrictions too. Do your cars have carbs? Nascar does. Im sure that Nascar has stricter motor regulations than AVESCO. AVESCO cars are made mostly for downforce, cup cars simply for speed, unless they run at a road course, bristol, or martinsville. Im sorry, but the HRT 427 isn't in production, if we play that game then the cadillac sixteen has enough power to destroy it on the straights. Remember who designed your HSV motors, Reeves Callaway from where, oh yeah Essex, Connecticut. People always trash nascar as much as possible. Nascar doesn't allow half of the technology allowed in any other racing series. It is amazing to believe that teams can get 750+ hp out of a carb. I like AVESCO, as I have said. All of you must learn before you trash a sport you know nothign about. As for your 2900 lb car, that is 500lbs less than nascar allows. I wish this post would just end, too many arbitrary arguments.
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    Nascar Vs V8 Supercars? I Vote JGTC.
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    HAHAH I like what u said, plus Dr Nick is funny and Dr Hibbert isnt!

    As for supercar V8s or Nascar!!! UMMMM BOTH!
  22. i personally rate v8 SC over nascar
  23. i personally rate v8 SC over nascar
  24. i personally rate v8 SC over nascar
  25. i personally rate v8 SC over nascar

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