What's going on with my car?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Big Rob, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. among other things
    doesnt mention other things
  2. The other thing by any chance the MAF? You said you had a CEL regarding the MAF. I'm guessing you had either some bad wiring that got sorted out, or the MAF was replaced.

    Black fuel is fuel related issue. MAF tells the ECU what kind of air is going going into the engine, then the ECU puts a certain amount of fuel in to have it run. If the voltage (0-5v) is reading incorrect at the wrong time, the ECU doesn't know any better and will dump more fuel as s 'safe mode' or 'limp mode'.

    If its a lot of black smoke, it could have even been an injector stuck open.

    Just be glad she didn't Lean out on you. Either way, some mechanic probably made a small fortune off of you.
  3. He doesn't really need more advice on the subject - he literally JUST got rid of this car. There was a whole big thread about him trading it on a better Volvo. You even posted in it.
  4. There was nothing wrong with the MAF, the code was left over from when I unplugged it trying to diagnose the problem, which wasn't the MAF. The MAF was fine.

    The only CEL's I ever had were in regard to the post-cat O2 sensor, which wasn't my problem.

    The stumbling was caused by incorrectly gapped spark plugs. I also had a vacuum leak from the PCV system which was preventing full boost.

    The car was being serviced by Volvo in Chicago. Not cheap but they do good work and give me free rental cars.

    Anyway, I traded the car in for a newer V70R.

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