Whats great about the Hemi 5.7L

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  1. Its a good powerful engine that it is in almost everything coming out of Dodge and Chrysler. For the most part the engine block and internals are the same in the 300C, and the Jeep Cherokee.

    Is the LS1 and LS2, a better engine? Very well maybe, but quanity has a quality all of it own. Is it a really "hemi"? That is debatable.

    The engine has the potential to be the next "chevy smallblock", meaning if Chrysler plays everything right, this engine will be a very common block that people will start putting in everything for an affordable price. It will be the most produced high horse power engine avalible if it is not already.
  2. Chevy LSx>Ford Modular V8>Dodge (semi) Hemi
  3. It's a good engine but the LSx engines are way better. And the LS1 is far more available then the new Hemi, and they are very cheap is buy.
  4. I would have an LS1, LS2, or LS7 over a HEMI anyday.
  5. How much do the mentioned engines weight?
  6. LS series>hemis>modulars. The ford modulars weigh 600 pounds and there is a very limited aftermarket for them. Im not sure about hemis, but the gen 3 smallblocks are an engineering marvel. 500hp 30mpg 400 pounds. pretty crazy if you ask me.
  7. Yea that's what I was thinking. The Mods are heavy as sin. It's because they're OHC mostly I think. I think only time will tell whether the Hemis are better than the Mods, but I think it's pretty safe to say the LSx engines are better than both.
  8. modular v8 weighing 600lbs? you must be quoting the cast iron block of the gt500. i have heard weights in the neighborhood of 450-500lb for the aluminum 4.6L.
  9. The 5.7 hemi is never going to surpass the 350. It's a nice engine, but no.
  10. the hemi is a good motor, its about on par with the lsx motors. the ford modulars are pretty lame, they should have tried to keep improving on their smallblock design. gms northstar motors are better dohc engines than the modulars.
  11. I like the way the old Ford Clevelands ran/sounded
  12. OK, I know the LS1 is a great engine, but the production run is over. Not that many were produced. The camaro/firebirs, corvette, few impalas, and some specail ed Siverados. The LS1 is out of production. The LS2 is even more limited to GTO's, SS's, and Vettes. (Although it is a great engine no doubt, most likely better than the SRT-8.)

    The ford modular 4.6L is well below the HP of the Hemi, and is only really limited to the Mustang and Crown Vics. Yes some explores have them, but it is not in the mass production state as the Hemi.

    As I state again, the Hemi 5.7L may not be a better engine that the competion, but it will out produce it and become a more common engine. The whole LX line, 60 % of sales are going to the 5.7L, Most of the Ram Sales are going to the Hemi. The LX line is out selling the almost every other engine in its power range.

    I see it as 210,000 sales figure of the LX platform, divide that by 50 for the estimate "hemis" on the road, you get roughly 100,000, the camaros that had an LS1 production of 50,000 in 1998 the most popular year for the LS1. (I can be wrong, please correct me with figures and webpages if my memory is not so good) This is not counting the Rams, Durangos, and Jeeps sold. Give the Hemis a extra 2 years (which they are planned to be produced), and there will be more Hemis avalible than LS1s. (If not already). Yes it has a long ways to go to reach the legendary "chevy 350" status, but it is the only engine being produced that has the potential too. Oh, and the production is not slowing down.

    The weight, the LS1 is lighter, but the Hemi is an Iron Block. In most cases this will give it a higher bottom end. (I am not 100% sure on this one though.)

    As for the Ford modular........ Name any number of factors, now aluminium, lower stock HP, more weight, many different configurations.
  13. No the cast iron block weighs more then 600. There was a guy that was thinking of swapping in a SOHC 4.6 until he weighed the thing. Those things are heavy as hell. OHC engines in a V configuragion are heavy no matter what their made out of.
  14. While I completely understand your point... I'm just wondering about the actual production figures. Plus the LS series of V8s is still going to be used in various cars to come. Also keep in mind that both Dodge and Chevy offer these engines as crate engines. SO the real question is, will either Chevy or Dodge stop making them available as crate engines any time soon? Because even if there were less LS engines put in actual production vehicles, if chevy keeps them available for 20 years as a crate engine it won't matter much as far as the availability goes.
  15. The 4.6 is in the mustang, crown vic, explorer, most f-150s, some superduties even get it i think, the econoline vans, its in older ,mercuries and lincons too. Its a horrible engine compared to the LS and hemi, but theive sold a shithouse of them. Dont forget the 5.4 and trition V10 are modulars too.
  16. I want to put one in my car.
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    LS1's are still sold as crate engines. Aswell as the LS6, LS2, and LS7.

  18. Point conceded. I do not know the actual production figures of either engine, and the LS1 is still sold as a crate. (The hemi is over priced as a crate.)
  19. Is the LS6 the biggest Cubic inch wise?
  20. yeh ls6 is largest followed by the triton v-10 mod motor.

    *edit* let me add largest displacement before i get chevy fanboys #%[email protected] thinking i meant physical size/weight
  21. but its an engine series that also has the 5.0 cammer used by the FR500, easily achieves over 1000hp in the ford GT, and used by other car companies that dont have a problem with it. its a great cheap overhead cam engine thats just so damn sexy sounding. you seem to focus too much on the lame cars the use underpowered and outdated versions of the engine.
  22. Its better than the old FI 5.9 magnum engine DC use to used, but its just a marketing engine.
  23. Thats true, it does sound awsome. We own a mustang and a van, a 4.6 and a V10 and they both are reliable as hell. Ford did somthing with the cams on those things to sound amazing, and the cobra and GT are amazing cars, but still. Ford should've gone the way GM did. Even an aluminum version of the windsor would have been better.
  24. To OP- the design of a combustion chamber is not debatable.
  25. What displacement is the LS6? I always assumed it was 6L and was replaced by the LS2.

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