What's really the point of this car?

Discussion in '2001 Mercedes-Benz SL 600 Silver Arrow' started by Robertt, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. I mean, what's the point to have these Silver Arrow cars come out just before the new is going to be released? And there's no engine modification either.

    They should make a Silver Arrow thing to the new SL, IMO.
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    drive one n u shall now young one...looks can be deceiving...but anyway...its not that great...the new SL's are the real thing u should be shouting about...

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    So that they can sell more car of the R129 before the R230 came out. This is loaded with almost every option you can choose and not a higher price. Its very common that car manufactures does this.
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    man this car is really a great piece of work!, and its probably one of the best cars in the market...if only they were still making them, but rumors are comming about that they are bringing them back into production....sadly this is a lie, if you want more info go to www.mercedes-benz.com. they have the replacement of a better engine, but less room, i dont really care for the speed, its pointless unless you race, i go for luxury cause really thats all that counts
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    They made this to seal the production run of the R129 SL's.
    A Silver Arrow on the R230 SL would be pointless as they're planning a SL65AMG to be released soon.

    Twin-turbo 6-litre V12
    1000nm [limited, w/ limiter 1250nm]
    0-62 mph : 4.0 est.
    1/4 mile : 12.5 est.
    The SL65AMG will offer Mercedes new 7 speed semi-auto box.

    This will be one hell of a car when it hits the roads.
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    Guess what? I installed two new H air filters, changed the chip and did a cople of other things & my SL 600 throws over 750 on the dyno. As far as speed, I've never met anyhting that keeps up with this normally aspirated V 12.

    As far as the new one goes, it is cheaply made (interior appointments, etc) and I do not think I was to worry about kompressors or twin turbos in fifty thousand miles, too problematic.
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    various special editions are released before a new model/facelift comes out. this is especially true of supermini sized models. it seems this practice to seduce consumers by rehashing an old car is not too good for mercedes.

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