What's the point of having a V12?

Discussion in '1998 Chrysler Phaeton Concept' started by ShadowAngelOfGod77, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Sure, the power is good, but even a V8 could make about 88 HP per liter. I'm just wondering why the hell would they need a V12 if a V8 could make enough power?
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    my guess is it doesnt need a V12 they just put it in so people who bought the car could say they have a V12?
    what sounds better?
    my car has a V8
    my car has a V12
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    Simple answer it's smoother. Complicated answer a four stroke engine works on a 720 degree cycle (360 two times for suck squeeze bang and blow. Each take 180 degrees) In a 4 cyl engine the power stroke is every 180 degrees,in a six every 120, in an eight cyl every 90, in a ten every 72 and in a 12 every 60. Thus you have less time between cylinder fires and a smoother engine. Yes a v-8 and v-12 can have similar power charictaristics its more of a luxury item and was a selling point for v-8's in cars when they cam out. Before that was mostly inline sixes. 12 cylinders also have different torque charistics than an 8 due to two more con rods to provide the "leverage" on the crank. This is why bugatti vw and audi, all owned by vw are going to a W-8 a w-12 a w-16 and a w 18.
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    they did it because this car is a hevey pig it is about 3 tons or so they needed the torque and what makes more a v8 stock or a v12 stock personoally i think it is the v12 that wins that and they only wanted to try to see if they could make a working engine bigger then a viper engine
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    You get less torque in the V12 when compared to a V8 with the same engine displacement because each cylinder is smaller. Consequently though, you have more power strokes in a given amount of time producing more horsepower. Look at the HP and Torque curves of, say a Ferrari V12.. you'll notice that the torque is rather low, while the engine produces a lot of horsepower as the RPM nears redline.

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