What's the point?

Discussion in '1999 HSV Senator Estate' started by dazed and confewzed, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I reckon the sedans are practical enough, and if your'e gonna buy the car for performance, wouldn't the sedan be faster/more aerodynamic etc?<!-- Signature -->
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    some people need station wagons and they also like theres to be quick and a bit different and this certainly is both
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    Well you are a japanese car guy i am guessing, the libery/legacy which ever your country calls it. was originally a wagon, and then they made sedan versions, i think that's the case with a few of the japanese cars. But there's still the market for the powerful wagons.
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    I don't think there is...otherwise Holden/HSV and Ford would make them...I don't think you can even get a V8 wagon anymore :-(
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    the point is, when you're cruisin in your falcon and this thing blows you away
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    Yeah but even over here? You hardly see many V8 Holden and Ford wagons running around, even less of wagons from other countries.
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    teh market is dying which is why hsv dont make these anymore but they will be making 270kw versions of the new avalanch which is based on the wagon but higher and awd

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