Whats the point?

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  1. nothing, he said its pointless
  2. if this is pointless.....wat about the veyron
    they dnt hav a point dumbass....its just to #$%#with skeptics
  3. I don't know about anyone else but i like this car mainly cuz i'm a fan of american muscle and so i like the acceleration. I wouldn't judge this car on it's handling simply because that isn't what i'd want it for. For that i'd use ( if i could afford one) My fave European supercar a Porsche
  4. Regarding the regular Viper SRT-10, have you seen any races between the SRT-10 & the new Z06, they got the same power, almost same weight.

    and still the Z06 kills the SRT-10 easily, now why is that ?.

    I'll tell you, Dodge uses stoneage techniques when building a car, look at that, 2 Valves per cylinder, hell, Audi in the 1980's had 4valve/cyl.

    So that makes the engine a little slow in response, if they would put 4valves/cyl it would be much quicker,
    the enging would be able to breath properly,
    Think about it this way,
    if you are running one starts breathing harder and faster because the body needs it,
    and then imagine if someone closed your mouth while running so that one could only breathe thru the nose,
    then one would not get enough air,
    and probably faint if one did not stop running.

    Every car in the world has 4valves/cylinder, even a fiat panda, but the dodge viper don't, why is that ?.
  5. For one reason ... Lamborghini didn't want to change it to 4 vales / cyl. Lamborghini helped design the original Viper race engine. At the time Dodge / Chrysler owned Lambo and wanted a race engine for their new sports car, so they sent it to Lambo to remake it. They also wanted a no nonsense engine that could be very easily serviced my their regular service personell.

    Either way the car still holds up to anything on the market today. Viper is also releasing a new NA 680hp Viper at VOI9 in September, 2006. It should be interesting to see how the Z06 fairs to Viper's response to their new car :cool:
  6. this car is by far the best car ever made, it is sooo much better then the veryon or any other supercar ever made, 0-100 in 6 seconds soo like by the time you have go to this part of this message this thios car is going 100 mph and for a viper it has amazying handling, vipers already hanlded fairly well but with new brakes and spention, road tests say average about 75mph though slalum and 255mph just at 200 your going more then a football field every second and it does the standing mile in what? 20 seconds thats absoulty insane soo whats the point?? the greatest supercar ever
  7. Congrats! You are retarded.
  8. pffffff... yeah right. best car my a--. Quarter mile and top speed isn't everything when you talk about "best car." What about the Radical SR8 and the Caparo T1. Just cause they can't go 255 mph doesn't mean that they suck. Bet you that once that T1 comes out, it'll cause hell to its competition. Lol, messed up.

    On the other hand, this car's faster than a Veyron. Whoo Hoo! My a--. It still has too much weight.
  9. Realize he mentioned slalom.. thats a task based on carring the fastest speed posable through a series of standardly placed cones.. tho 70mph isnt that fast through a 700 ft slalom (assumeing 700 ft.) Weight? take a physics class, see the relativity of weight to top speed. Plus the bugatti weighs more.. I am not really defending the car but still, your response was just as dumb as his statement. When a cars main selling point/attraction is top speed, like the Veyron BTW..., expect thats what people will redundantly mention.
  10. Your asking that now considering the fact they have been doing this for at least 15 years now. Plus, this was done to the Viper so that just maybe the people who can afford the options, could have a machine that could relatively perform against its competition.

    Oh, which seems to be making great business for the company.

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