whats your favourite sport?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SuperSonic, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. what team is that/who is on it
  3. this.

    I just watch/play baseballs.
  4. Basketball in the 90s. All other sport is boring.
  5. Tossing the Caber*
  6. NBA JAM on Sega MegaDrive.
  7. i wanna see loop d loops and hazards in motorsports. f caution flags. yawn till then
  8. baseball live
    REAL AMERICAN football on tv

    also because of the game saturation i'll watch all different nfl teams but only follow the orioles for baseball
  9. I used to like watching it.
    Now it's just boring as #$%#. I'd rather watch golf.
  10. why did you stop liking things after the 90s
    are you incapable of forming new positive associations

    have you seen steph curry play
    he plays on the warriors, the best team in basketball
  11. Theres a bunch of really good players around at the moment, but basketball/NBA was clearly at its peak back then.
    Just watch Space Jam.
  12. most of the better players in space jam the movie were cartoons you moran
  13. Bill Murray was not a cartoon you POS.
  14. They show BTCC, Formula Ford, Clio Cup, Ginetta GT4 Super Cup, Ginetta Juniors, and the British GT Championship on TV over here, and you get a really good mix.

    Plenty of contact in the lower formulas with teenagers racing. Some of them are completely mental
  15. aussie rules and basketball.

    other sports i keep an eye on would be football, rugby union, 'merican football and boxing.

    don't mind motor racing either.
  16. Motorsports followed by Boxing and MMA
  17. mma is not a sport
  18. Boxing, driving and golfing are not sports.
  19. sports that aren't hockey are boring
  20. Agreed. I also enjoy auto racing, but I know how boring that is to watch to most people.

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