Wheel ID Help - Porsche 914

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Can someone help with this?

    Apparently these are 914 wheels, apparently they were only made for one year.

    I've never seen a picture with any 914 with those.


    Help me!! I want them for a project but only if they are realz
  2. I wish I could help, dude. But you need to come visit this year. We are buying a house. If all goes well in the next few weeks, plenty of room for you to move in.
  3. For the 914, the only 4-bolts were Pedrini and Mahle. In 1974 Mahles were painted to match the trim, but do not resemble the ones in the ad.

    Pic 1: Mahle, Pic 2: Pedrini
  4. Mystery solved: They're Carroll Shelby Talladega wheels. Not OEM Porsche.
  5. they look like some company was trying to make a fuchs style wheel cheaply.
  6. they are fugly anyhow
  7. also whats the project?
  8. damn, winner winner.

    I'm VERY impressed with the ID.
  9. just gonna make a trailer lol. nothing super crazy, just, for the price, i wanted real porsche wheels.
  10. ah. you'd probably want a normal rim size for a trailer though (usually 15" and about 6ish inches wide IIRC). much more comfortable then those would have been
  11. Looks like the seller updated the posting, too.
  12. insert brick joke
  13. how possible is something like....

    take some sort of cool looking car and then:

    - Gut everything

    - Weld everything on the outside shut

    and then

    `1) stick the body directly onto a trailer and somehow hinge it so that it opens and shuts so I can put stuff in there

    2) messing with the axelz somehow so that it just basically becomes a trailer i can pull.

    I was planning on just doing a simple trailer but it would be cool to have porsche wheels,

    but then i saw this guy with a beat ass volvo amazon body. how sweet would a volvo amazon trailer be, but it looked exactly like an amazon behind you, and not one of those chopped up weird trunk trailers.
  14. i msged and told him lol.

    we were back and forth on pricing and condition
  15. I know quite a few folk that have done that. usually folk only use the rear section of the donor car though and just stick a straight axle under it.

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