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  1. The Wheels need ot be a little bigger, then it would look a damn sight better.

    not that it looks crappy now, cos it looks sooo cool

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  2. Re: Wheels?

    6 x 13 minilite with 175/70-13 is the right size on the Lotus Cortina!
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  3. Re: Wheels?

    Wrong, perfect wheels are the ones that it comes with... Lotus Steel wheels. These are becoming quite sort after nowadays.
  4. Re: Wheels?

    Want to buy some? Got 6 sets! 5,5x13
  5. Re: Wheels?

    if a car is made with a certain type of wheel it is usually because that is the best wheel for the job. they didnt do 21ins then either
  6. Re: Wheels?

    Would i like to buy a set?
    Depends on the price, but i would be interested. They might look a bit out of place on a Mk2 Escort, but you can never have enough sets of wheels.
  7. Re: Wheels?

    On a Mk2 escort you should have 6x13 (4-spoked) Ford RS wheels! ;P
  8. Re: Wheels?

    My current wheels ARE 6x13 RS 4 spokes, but you can never have enough wheels. Lotus Steels do suit Mk1 Escorts better (along with Cortinas and Anglias), but i'd be interested in what they look like on a Mk2.
  9. Re: Wheels?

    Horrible I'm afraid! :p

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