when mc777 makes a thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, Jun 16, 2010.

  3. wait till mc777 makes a (mc777 free) thread. Ultimate philosophical paradox.
  4. If it is relevant to my interests, I will post in it.
  5. can i close it
  7. You're doing it wrong.
  8. so are you (banging underage kids)
  9. But you wont.
  10. try and stop him.
  11. I will post in it if everybody is bashing him cause I wanna be cool like the rest of the guyz.
  12. jeah right
  14. Haha, I will.
  15. take his stupid mug out of all your avatars
  16. Yeah, I'm getting tired of seeing that, plus he loves the attention that gives him as much as any responses to his threads/posts.
  17. McGriffin:

    "Merry Christmas! I'm a moderator!"

    (which is code for sucking admin/luke dick)
  19. Reason for LukeMug avatar trend? (if any...)

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