When to produce this baby??

Discussion in '2004 Renault Megane Trophy' started by Joao Gois, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. When will they produce this? I hope soon! So, lets see: Renault 5 Turbo was a concept car presented at the Paris Motor Show in the late 80s, the Renault Spider Sport was also in 1994 and Renault Clio Sport V6 too!! What do they all have in common (along with the Mégane Sport Trophy)? All of them were concept cars at the beggining with previewed production for a trophy and they all ended being produced for all the common human beings (who can afford it...)!!! Why? Because of the public oppinion whopressed Renault to produce it!! So, lets all beg very hardly to Renault to produce it: PLEASE RENAULT, PLEASE!!!

    Ferrari 4ever!!!

    "The most beautifull Ferrari ever built is still the one we haven't yet produced." - Enzo Ferrari
  2. That car is never gonna get to production. It's a race car, it was created to race in a touring championship, maybe BTCC or ETCC, anyways it's not a production car. It's like asking Ferrari to bring their F1 car to production... What did they do instead? Brought up the Enzo. If you're lucky, a street version of that car might someday get to production, and I'm not talkin' about a sport version of the Renault Megane, but a street-legal version of the Trophy race car, and I said might. Now try and evaluate the chances that car crosses the Atlantic... sad but true.
  3. maybe on the usa not but on mexico yes because renault sell all of their sport cars on this country and i hope they still do the same.

    sorry for my english but i'm mexican and i don't have a perfect english
  4. no production.

    renault isn't the best, but,

    Alonso is the best!
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  6. First, this car is not ment to race at the BTCC or ETCC but in a monomarque competition, only with Renault Mégane Sport Trophys. Second, the Renault 5 Turbo was also ment only for racing at the first but then it won a street version thanks to all the people who beg for it. So we'll just do the same!
  7. Yeah! Everyone who wants to see this in production sends begletter to renault... It would be fun to see if it would work... =)
  8. most likely never will but I want one anyway.

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