when will catamaran make a good car

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  1. this car looks old and it probaby drives like an old car and the design is old
  2. agreed this is like a roadster for grandpa maybe if they give it modern styling like say the toyota MR2 it will sell
  3. Im assuming that you are joking or looking for attention. "Catamaran"? You also asked this question in the other topic on this board. sooooo you're dumb.
  4. sniff sniff, i smell indies.
  5. are you kidding me? Its a simple design that achieves a specific purpose! these cars are renown for their handling and could run laps around most cars without the need of a 7 litre engine under the hood. These cars aren't made for wankers, their made for drivers.
  6. this car looks old and it probaby drives like an old car and the design is old
  8. This car is meant to follow the brilliant design of the Lotus Seven. The body will never change, there will not be any MR2 caterhams. Face it, this might be able to whip an Enzo and make it scream uncle. I'm talkin possibly 1:15 on the Top Gear track.

    Looks old, drives like... hmm... like hanging on to the side of a fighter jet in an airshow.

  9. toyata mr2's are ugly and this car had a better track time on the nurburgring than a carrera GT because its fast and has great handling
  10. Do you mean this? Yes it does look old, but have you ever been in one of thes cars? I've been in 3 different types (A caterham, a Tiger and a Westfield) and I can tell you it doesn't drive like an old car. You can destroy olmost every other vehicel on road and track with these cars. You should really try to get a ride in one of these... even the 120bhp models are quit fast already.
  11. Yeah, these dimwits who think this is an old car are the types who like to be seen in their "hairdresser" type girly sports cars that don't actually perform (ie MR2). The Caterham seven is a design licensed from Lotus back in the 70's but has been developed with lighter materials, better suspension design and more powerful engines. It wouldn't drive like an old car, but rather better than a new one. The response, grip, and acceleration from this car would be almost better than anything on the road. Heck, it even does the 0-60 almost as fast as the Veyron! So to answer your ridiculous question: Caterham have made a good car, and have done so for some time.
  12. um my mr2 with vvti is a much more advanced car and equally as good on the track
    some old things no matter how many facelifts you give them cant compete with todays classics (mr2)
  13. Oh, the kiddies are showing their ignorance again. An Mr2 with a 0-60 of over twice a hi-po Caterham is going to do better? Building a car down to around 1000 lbs is lost on them. As are the benefits, with respect to physics, of having a lighter chassis

    Lotus (with whom Chapman built the Super 7 on which the Caterham is based) is very revered in suspensions to this day.

    Chapman was also well known for stripping weight when unnecessary. Form follows function. 4 lugnuts is a trait of the lotus brand (why use 5 when 4 works)

    It doesn't look very different from the car 50 years ago, BECAUSE IT DOESN'T HAVE TO!!

    The caterham is the quintessential drivers car. Nothing is added that isn't needed. It's a chassis, engine and cockpit. The Caterham is a car for drivers, not a poster for pubescent boys to wank off to.


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