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  1. is fancy dress a common thing where you are?

    Every night I drive through the city and every night there are 10 million people (mostly students) out drunk, all dressed up to a theme. Tonight was zombie/dracula (halloween), sometimes it's doctors and nurses, toga, other times the city is filled with blue smurfs. Does this happen in other civlized countries like usa#1?
  2. On Halloween, yes. Otherwise, no because gay.
  3. Not even really on Halloween here because it's hardly celebrated (though there's tons of people dressed up at work today because this place is like 25-30% North American).
    Sometimes bars will have a themed night, but that would be like .2% of people out drinking.
    The weekend of the 7's is another story though. probably 95% of people will be dressed up and the main bar/club road will be closed off to traffic.
  4. Apart from Halloween, there's a Santa-suit bar crawl around Christmas every year and that's about it.

    Do you live in a college town?
  5. No. The bars are filled by rough, blue-collar types. None of that fruity dress-up nonsense. Unless it's Halloween or Wild Wednesdays and you're a girl. Then you're allowed to dress as a slutty (noun).
  6. Slutty bumblebee.
  7. any rough gays
  8. I assume so.
  9. Sounds awful.
  10. Often people are dressed in some sort of costume.
    Not EVERYONE, but certain groups of people. If they were out at a fancy dress party then hit the town afterwards, or bucks/hens night. Or certain clubs have fancy dress theme nights.

    Not uncommon at all to see people dressed up.
  11. I dress up as a zombie for VE day/Rememberence day. Then I go and visit the local Legon.
  12. Around 30 % of the population of my city is student, so yes that happens a lot. Always funny when i go to work in the monding, the bars close and the drunkest of drunkest people leave, sometimes with costume on. Pretty funny sight.
  14. No. Israelis are underdressers for the most part, so nobody really bothers putting on anything special. People wear costumes around the Jewish holiday of Purim.
  15. It's just because of all the students. When they all #$%# off for the holidays you don't see any.
  16. lol same here.

    the whole city is deserted when it's summer.
  17. Rarely go drinking in town so I don't know. It's way expensive.
  18. How much is it in Sweden?

    And I used to dress up like once a month when I was a student. We went out on Thursdays though, now I go out on Fridays and Saturdays so I rarely see any costumes. This weekend will be different because people dress up for Halloween parties.
  19. Usually about 50-60 SEK per 40cl, so 5-6 Euros.

    Cheaper at home <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  20. hence all the swedish sluts and chavs go to spain, greece and such during the summer.
  21. Here it's about 70-75NOK for a 0.4... Ridiculous.
  22. I saw people dressed up in halloween costumes today. I got served by a zombie at Subway at lunch.
  23. Don't you dress like a 1930's gentleman on a daily basis?

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