Where are you right now?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Tree Fitty, May 28, 2016.

  1. I'm about to fly to Texas, how about y'all?
  2. Just made brunch. Now I'm sitting on my couch doing laundry and watching Netflix. First time being home on a weekend the past month and enjoying the hell out of it.
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  3. Watching S3 Silicon Valley in my man cave until I head to OKC for the Thunder game
  4. just had a mindless roam around paris
    it rained pretty hard
    i got pretty wet
  5. Finished Skyping with gf, cooking now and sitting on my balcony, enjoying the weather
  6. Sitting on my couch in superman pj pants with a coffee. Yelling at my children for no good reason. And throwing anything I can get my hands on at my wife. Demanding beer and breakfast.
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  7. Just came back from seeing my parents, sister, and niece. Had some belated birthday cake, and a couple of presents. My sister bought me the Lego Architecture Flatiron Building set, which is basically the best present ever.

    My niece is a handful, but she's also hilarious. Obligatory chocolate face shot.
    Chocolate Face.jpg
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  8. Just got home from suit shopping, it's hot out so I'm sitting on the couch sweating my balls off
  9. just got home from dinner and a walk and drinking a beer and watching this

  10. In the lab collecting data. The weekend is basically the only opportunity it seems like when I'm free to focus on my own work.
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  11. What kind of work?
  12. Just picked up some sandwiches and sugarcane juice for lunch. Now I'm sitting on the couch.
  13. Met a friend for a late lunch, footed around town a bit and i just got home.
  14. At work because Sundays are weekdays here.
  15. Just research. I'm currently the senior Ph.D. student in our lab, and we're without any post-docs for the time being, so I seem to be the first person anybody goes to for help. I've also taken on supervising a few M.Sc. students. So normally I don't get a chance to start working on stuff related to my own projects / thesis until 5-6 in the evening, or the weekend.
  16. Just woke up and having some sammiches and coffee. This week is mostly mother-themed as she's going to move from Laren to Hilversum this week. So today it's about moving boxes, tomorrow there's come carpet dude coming, then wednesday I forgot already about. Anyway, everything should be installed/built and good to go by Saturday.
  17. Just chilling out before dealing with the rain and hordes on my way to work. Last week shooting before a week of packing gear next week. Gonna be good to get home. Gonna be even better to go on holiday for 6 weeks shortly after.
  18. Pretty good show. Getting a little sick of Richard though. So whiny.

    I am dropping a morning deuce at work. Satisfying.
  19. He's just started to get a backbone so it's kinda fun to watch.

    LOLed my ass off at Jared's joke about Danesh's necklace.
  20. I am on the back deck at my parent's house, doing laundry, cooking a late lunch, drinking a glass of wine, and watching my kid stuff his pockets to the brim with rocks.
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  21. Sitting at home relaxing, waiting for my lunch in the oven to be done. Earlier this morning I pulled the transmission out of my maxima, so I'm going to spend the rest of the day inside where its cool.
  22. Watching Princess Sofia in the basement @ 19c damn its comfortable
  23. I'm at work. Hopefully I can use some of my TOIL and go home early today (at 10am instead of 2pm)
  24. you went to the actual game?

    how do you feel now

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