Where can I find bud in Chicago

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by M360, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Im in the city for a week and desperately want maryjane. What areas in the city center can I find some? Anyone here willing to hook me up only need 2 g,s but I'll pay 30.
  2. is this nigga serious
  3. You can score some cheap Bud or even Bud Light at any bar.
  4. nigga where you from that you think you can cop 2gs for 30?
  5. who the #$%# buys 2gs? you buy an 1/8th if you don't want a g.

    also an 1/8th of mids is only $20 but yeah i haven't smoked anything but top shelf in years
  6. also try 4chan or something. don't ask some dead car forum for pot
  7. someone must be able to hook this fool up with a $50 bag, surely
  8. Even if I smoked, I don't think I'd give some random member directions to a pot dealer.

    Just ask some minority.
  9. Go to the inner city, ask everyone you see if they are holding
  10. Robert must be bored.
  11. Pitfalls of the high end pot market.
  12. I'll sell you some. $300/g
  13. May I recommend meth?
  14. South side

    Though you may get killed out there

    After decades of democratic rule it's turned into something like Mogadishu.
  15. god damn so expensive, why don't I sell pot to the usa already
  16. Everyone in Chicago smokes pot. Just walk around for a bit and ask someone who doesn't look like they'll stab you.

    Where are you in Chicago?
  17. Hash. Please sell us hash.
  18. you dont get hash in murica?
  19. lol this thrad
  20. Very very infrequently. Hash carries stiffer punishment here, the sale of any amount in NY is a felony and possession of a relatively small amount carries felony punishment as well, whereas in many states pot possession has been reduced below misdemeanor levels to civil citations (e.g., parking tickets).

    I haven't come across it here since 2006, which also happens to be the last time I was in Amsterdam. I really miss pot/hash/tobacco joints.
  21. that's lolworthy. how is hash any different than weed lol
  22. lol USA pot
    might as well buy basil
  23. Make a hash driveway

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